• Lol suks moose


    league of lrgends is a bad game since it is made by riot games
    riot is a bad company because all they want to do is to steal your money buy making you buy champions which are ruining the economy of AMERICA valve is making the economy by encuragin free trade and capitolism on the steam market.

    This is clear even for a 9 year old like me that league of legends is supporting russian communists and will eventually destroy america.


    also lol is a bad game because they make heroes just like dota heroes. Dotas drow ranger who is my fav hero is just like ashe from league and their abilities are the same to. This is a lazy game made by lazy communists at riot games and if nothing is done to stop the army of soviet fanboys lol creates capitolism will be gone in the next few years.

    I heard that LoL has about 30 million players that is as much as a wholee country which makes it so that lol players might unite to form a communist riot-wershipping nation who will take over america.

    Of corse this is just my opinion on how league is bad make up your own opinions on why lol is a bad game because their are many raesons. Remember i am only 9 so please reply telling me how i can make my opinions better.


  • DotA is better. Case Closed.

    DotA is a adventure-action MOBA game in which a player gets to choose from a variety of heros. (over 110) In LoL the player gets 10. 10. Someone PLEASE tell me how that is better. Well, sure after you level up some you can unlock new heros but have fun leveling up to level 30. Plus, the level up system in League is stupid, just because you play more shouldn't mean you get perks that newer players don't. It needs to be an even playing field. Like in DotA teams can configure heros that work well with each other to take out the other team. Skill and knowing the mechanics are CRUCIAL to being successful and the learning curve is intense. As with LoL, but in my case I started with DotA. Got better after about 70 games, Enough to call myself a skilled DotA player (Still rough around the edges). I downloaded League one day because my friends told me too. Played it. And wrecked, not only my friends, but randoms too. My first game I went 8-4-10. FIRST GAME. Can you tell me how you preformed your first game? How can League, forcing people to either spam play or buy extra "champions", be a better game then this massive, free to play, skillful game we all know and love called DotA. I'd love to hear some arguments to this.

  • LOL is best!!!

    Lead of legends is just better in it's maps, champions and graphics. I'm a lv 30 in Lol and I haven't gotten bored of it. Other games like Starcraft and Dota make me bored because champions are free which gives you no challenge and the team fighting in LOL is way better than Dota.

  • Dota 2 is better then League of Legend as an E-Sport.

    When it comes to gaming, you cannot really say that game is better then the other; to everyone his taste, however what I can argue about is that Dota 2 is a E-Sport then the League... And in my opinion (and mine, only) Dota 2 is far better game to play competitively.

    There are several reasons to it.

    1) Dota 2 offers much more variety and strategic game play. The lines between supports, carries, junglers and other roles are blurred and aren't MUST (Example: Hero, Doom Bringer who is currently used as hardlaner, can also go jungle and in extreme situations he can be viable midlaner; this opens up lots of room for a drafter to wary his strategies.) while in League, you are pretty much stuck with the same 1 carry, 1 support, 1 midder, 1 ganking jungler and 1 offlane.

    2) Tactical plays are much more important in Dota 2, since terrain is much more complex. Dota 2 cliffs are already complicated enough, comparing to bushes, but trees, which can be destroyed with some items and abilities, once again gives more variety and ways to juke.

    3) Mistakes are more punishable in Dota 2. (Example: gold lost from death which exist in Dota 2 and does not exist in League. This punishes greedy strats where duo-supports might gank every lane as much as they can shutting down every enemy hero.) which is what E-Sport is all about, you punish enemies mistakes and you snowball from their own.

    4) Internationality. I'm not sure if anything changed in League, but as far as I know, Koreans dominate League's scene and destroy everyone while Dota 2 has constant competition between countries. Ukrainian squad, Na'Vi which was really strong until they ran into roster problems, lately; American powerhouse, Eg who are definitely top 3 team in the world, right now; Chinese teams like Vg and Newbee who are in constant battle with the west with various results; their also some international teams, most notably Team Secret which can easily play and win against other Tier 1 teams.

    Ps: This is my opinion and MINE, only; some info might be not correct.

  • Dota is better 100 than LOL

    Damn how the hell can someone who played both dota and lol can't see that dota is much better ?? I played LOL it was a little interesting but the graphic sucks too much ... The heroes of LOL have a good picture but in the game they don't are like the pictures at all . And in LOL you must buy the champs and there is just 3 gamesmode i think . But Dota is just super interesting their are many gamesmode to play the heroes are more realist and the hero in the game is like on the picrture and the graphic is so good ! And their are many items and i correct a mistake that made a LOL fan . Their are an items who make the ulti stronger -_- just play dota it's better than LOL 100 times ;)

  • I've played both

    Imho, Dota is a lot more rewarding. Ya, there's only one map, but honestly there are so many complex elements to the game that its not like you need different types of maps like the ones featured in LoL.

    I prefer the characters and graphics in Dota. To me, League of Legends characters and graphics look a bit too cutesie and cartoonish for me to really take it seriously and get into the game. Dota has a larger variety of characters that range from the badass-looking bloodseeker to the cuteness of puck. Speaking of characters, I like that the characters in Dota are ALL FREE, while in League, they only give out a few free characters that they switch around every so often (I think its 10 charcters? Don't remember). This means that for starting players and players that don't want to spend tons of money, you can choose from a larger variety of characters to learn the game from.

    The point shop in Dota is also cooler. Again, its a lot more complex. This means that you can choose to build items more to suit your playing style or help you with individual games. Along those lines, the Dota guides are extremely helpful. If you have no idea how to play a character or even play at all, the guides can help you at least gain a general idea of what your role is, and they even help you decide exactly what to level up or buy and when to do so.

    Lastly, the complexity of Dota makes the game more rewarding. It may be harder to learn, but that just means that you'll appreciate it even more once you start getting the hang of it. It can also help you be more patient when you get stuck with kind of noobish players on your team. We've all been that noob player before that just wants to crawl under a rock. We understand.

    This is a popular debate among us pc gamers. Can't wait to see what others have to say! :)

  • DOTA is a game of variety while LOL forces you into a very limited role which inevitably leads to much more interesting games.

    As a whole DOTA is a much more challenging game than LOL, but there are many seemingly paradoxical steps to get to this conclusion.
    The argument starts by conceding that many of the individual aspects of LOL are more complex than those in DOTA.
    1.) Each individual hero in LOL is more difficult to understand than each individual DOTA hero. The LOL heroes rely on combo-ing your abilities in a certain way. If you don't fully understand how your 4 abilities and passive work, you will be terrible at your hero in competitive play.
    2.) All of the items in LOL have more complicated and wider variety of effects than DOTA. There are more interesting auras, team buffs, and random small boosts.
    3.) LOL has runes, masteries, and two choose your own skills.

    To the passerby these may seem like arguments for why LOL is a more difficult game but here is how they simplify LOL.
    When you HAVE to combo all of your skills in a certain way, your character changes from having 4 different things he can do into having a single thing he MUST do. This casts you into a role.
    Complex items force a single "optimum build"... And this casts you into a role. Setting up masteries and runes force you into a role.
    In LOL, you are caste into a role with an EXTREMELY limited set of options of what you can actually do within a game. This simplifies the decision making too much and makes the game a lot more boring. The mechanics of the game even support this. In a game of DOTA, anyone can carry a game if they get far enough ahead. In a game of LOL, only certain heroes will carry... Because it is their role.

    A competitive game of LOL is decided by your hero picks, each player's skill with that individual hero, and a few in-game battlefield decisions.

    A competitive game of DOTA is decided by your hero picks, each player's skill with their individual heroes, ones overall understanding of the game of DOTA, and MANY in-game battlefield decisions.

  • League of Legends (LoL)

    Has may features that surely attracted millions of people nationwide. For Example, the roller coaster adventure of the players playing LoL is better than Dota 2. This makes LoL more exciting, fun, and easily understood by amateur gamers. While Dota 2 only excels in its Graphics, which is really complex and the map was confusing, according to my recent interviews with Dota 2 beginners...

  • Dota 2 is way better than League of Legends!!!

    Dota 2 is way better in many ways. For example their graphics and gameplay. Also some characters in League are copies of Dota characters. For example Warwick's Blood Scent ability in League is simular to Bloodseekers Thirst in Dota 2. So you know what I mean... DOTA 2 WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.

  • Dota 2 is better...

    Dota 2 is more for mature players, and also is bigger more complex in game play and diversity in mechanics and tricks. Lol its just cartoonish vanilla more which is still fun but not bigger than Dota 2 in game play and mechanics and items, Dota 2 requires more skills and experience to learn than lol.

  • Dota 2 fanboys

    Dota 2 is a another attempt of Valve getting money off fan-boys, an argument these fan-boys say as to why "dota 2 is bettr than league" Is "its take more skill and has better graphics" Firstly a game is not about graphics its about gameplay something Dota 2 lacks, its an exact clone of dota 1 down to the gold gain per second with no variations from dota 1. Secondly League of legends requires far more skill there is a reason a dota player dosnt know what a "skill shot is" Dota 2 players have no idea how to farm minions or the mechanics of a moba.

  • What is "Better"?

    To be honest, this question is designed to start a fight. In all reality, both League of Legends and DOTA 2 are good games, with large player bases. All of the reasons that people use to cite one as being "better" than the other are really just differences. Neither game is better. Rather, they are two takes on the same idea (RTS games) and each deserve respect in their own right. It is similar to ice cream flavors; you can't say that vanilla is BETTER than chocolate, or vice versa. It is impossible, because it is merely a matter of taste. I prefer League of Legends, since I don't play often and don't have the time to invest to learn the more complex game system of DOTA 2. However, I respect DOTA 2 for what it is; a different take on the genre. Neither game is inherently "Better". They are just different.

  • Difference in community and players

    Dota 2 players are often more rude and bashes/flames you just for making the smallest mistake such as missing a last-hit. From what I see from Dota 2 based pages, they often display arrogance and display a large amount of hate/bias towards a whole community of players of a different race/country, particularly the pinoys or Russians whom they deem that all of them are noobs. Dota 2 players also often blame others for their own mistakes or losing the game.

    Not to say there aren't flamers and blamers in League of Legends but there is a smaller amount compared to Dota 2. Some players in LoL even give advice to other players despite being in opposing teams.

    I'm on League's side as its the players in the community that makes the game more enjoyable.

  • LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IS MUCH BETTER....... Just read my following arguments..

    Indeed, League of Legends is more popular, amazing, and amusing to all kinds of people (not only to the kids), because it has a better quality of the champs, environment, and realistic abilities. They also have 5 main roles namely, the ADC (attack damage carry), the MID LANER, the SOLO TOP, the JUNGLER, and the SUPP.. In this situation you can realize than while in the game, it is more interesting.. . Meanwhile in Dota,, you only have strength, intelligence, and agility (#soboring).....

    In dota,, your abilities won't get more powerful because you can only make your mana higher,, but in lol,, your abilities can get much stronger if you have items.... For ex.: infinity edge can make your skills much stronger..

    Last thing... I thought that the Lich (Kelthuzad) has a power of ice.. But in dota 1.. He says "BURN'??????

    Lol champs even dance (gangnam style and other famous modern dances),, they also laugh and tell jokes,,,,, unlike in dota they just stand and repeatingly say the words they only know,,,

  • Its a lot more popular

    In terms of better, League of Legends is a lot more popular today than Dota 2. I hear every day of kids and adults of usually the young ones of mostly koreans, but at least some of other races/ethnicity, talk about League of Legends. I never heard a word of Dota unless they talk about the origination of League of Legends. League of Legends keeps growing to get more people to join in it. It keeps expanding and growing as more people start to play it, for now.

  • League of Legends

    League of Legends has a much better interface. I believe that it also has a much better variety of champions. It is easier to change lanes and save your friends and teammates. League of Legends also has a much larger fan base so that you can get into matches much easier.

  • Dota is too unfriendly and complicated

    In my opinion, League of Legends is better. The community is way more friendly, and it's not that hard to get the hang of. On the other hand, Dota 2 is much more complicated, and as many people know, the Dota 2 community is notorious for being extremely rude and unfriendly to newcomers or people that aren't very good at the game in general.

    Although the graphics in Dota 2 might be "better," the League of Legends graphics are quite cute and "fun" to look at. The vibrant colors give the game a nice feel. The bright colors make simple things such as little flowers in the ground look so cheerful. Many people say that they don't like the cheerful graphics of League of Legends, and I can't really tell anyone they're "wrong" about that because that's entirely a matter of opinion.

    Lastly, I think Dota 2 is a little bit too hard, especially for newcomers. When you're trying out a new game, you want to feel good about it, which will in turn make you want to come back and play more. Unfortunately, it seems many newcomers to Dota 2 walk away from the game simply because it's too hard and they can't really get the hang of it.

    As I said at the beginning, this is entirely my opinion about the games and is not to be taken as complete fact.

  • League is more popular than dota2.

    And it is probably not for nothing. LoL is more attractive than dota2. And everyone just speak of LoL. I didn't played to Dota2 and i will probably try it one day but for now, I am on LoL and I like it. So, I heard everytime some Dota2 players insulting League of Legend. But i have respect
    to Dota2.

  • LoL has more combacks and interesting.

    Many people say that dota 2 require more skills etc. But that is because they have yet reached higher levels of LoL. The more I played league of legends, I found that there were a lot more strategies then what it seemed like and definitely there is no reason to say why dota is tougher. LoL is also better because there are equal chances for both sides to win as long as there are better engages which is better thab dota when early game more or less decides the game when one person gets extremely fat which makes the game more predictable

  • League of Legends

    League of Legends has a much better interface. I believe that it also has a much better variety of champions. It is easier to change lanes and save your friends and teammates. League of Legends also has a much larger fan base so that you can get into matches much easier.

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I love both games
ilovebothgames says2014-10-15T08:12:47.163
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I like dota 2 but i didn't play lol
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It happens
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But don't say that dota is better only because u didn't play LOL
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Do u want me to play or no
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Never say never
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Sara gey
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Don't play it because u will forger Dota, that is what i did
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Don't repeat my mistakes
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Cool yeaaaaaaaaaaaas really
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LoL is for the weak.
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I won't be voting since it's not like they are way better or worse than one another.
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Unless sth manage to change my mind :D
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Dota swag