• Yes, to a certain extent

    I believe we have advanced to a point where companies such as Dow Chemical really have to plagiarize because other companies have already 'been there and done that'. I also believe that things go on behind the scenes that we, the public, are not privy to. Who knows what backdoor deals are made?

  • Dow is guilty.

    Dow Chemical is guilty of plagiarism, and their penalty is pretty steep. I think that Dow was such a large, powerful corporation that they thought they were not going to get caught. I'm glad that they have been caught in this, and I hope it lets other companies know that they aren't above the law.

  • No, DOW Chemical is Not Guilty...of Plagarism

    Going after a huge corporation such as DOW Chemicals would be a difficult case to win. However, accusing them of something like plagiarism would be ridiculous. If you are going to go after them, choose environmental disaster or public endangerment, not plagiarism! Besides, they have enough money that I am sure they do not have to stoop to copying other people's work. They are able to hire writers, workers, and fact checkers to ensure any work they publish is original.

  • No, Dow Chemical is probably not guilty of plagiarism.

    No, I don't think that Dow Chemical intentionally committed plagiarism. They are a large company that's been in business a long time, and they would most likely know to take precautions so as to not commit plagiarism. It is possible, however, that a third party was hired to write something and Dow failed to check their work.

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