• Drake stays climbing

    If rap was a mountain, Drake would be close to the top if not there already. He has good substance, wordplay, rhymes, etc. Of course he isn't the best but he sure is a hell of a lot better than weezy ever was or will be. "Four more words needed"

  • Yes Yes Yes!

    Drake is just the king. He is better than lil wayne and that's all i need to say. Even tho lil wayne made drake, drake is a way better rapper than lil wayne. If you hate drake then i am really sorry for you because he is the best! YAS

  • Yes Yes Yes!

    Drake is just the king. He is better than lil wayne and that's all i need to say. Even tho lil wayne made drake, drake is a way better rapper than lil wayne. If you hate drake then i am really sorry for you because he is the best! YAS

  • Yes drake is the best

    Drake is a better rapper , song writer, he has a better voice and much better songs . Great artist 1 of the best . Great performer . Wayne is not bad but drake is better and hotter he has good style and lyrics . Love drakes music his number 1 all the way .

  • Drake, just because lil wayne sucks more.

    Honestly both are incredibly garbage and are killing rap. The mainstream music you hear on radios...Horrible. Listen to the actual albums and you really start to question how these people even got careers. No talent. Take a look at some lil wayne lyrics. Just...Garbage. Overall, Drake is the less sh*ttier rapper, but that's only mainly because Lil Wayne is just so god awful freaking absolutely horrible. Not going to lie though, We Made It by Drake had a pretty good beat but nothing else was good about it at all.

  • Drake shouldn't even be compared to Wayne

    Drake is really better than lil Wayne. Honestly wayne is only good when he has Collabs. Drake sings yea, but that don't mean he can't rap. Listen to miss me, forever, trophies, his songs have good rhythm, rhyme and sweet verses and bars. Lil Wayne is good, ill say good, but drake is just more lyrically superior to weezy. Sorry cash money fans, it's the truth

  • Drakes Songs Aren't Repetitive, As For Wayne..

    Plain simple, Drake raps about things people can relate to. Sure they may be about his own relationships, but they're his songs so his story, and thats real rap. I'll give Wayne credit he used to be good and after The Carter 4, I felt it was time he called it quits or come up with reasonable lyrics. Wayne has got to take it back to when he was arguably one of the best, but now its Drakes time, and he hasn't fallen yet.

  • Drake is better than Lil Wayne

    The only reason that I will say Drake is better than Lil Wayne is because Drake at least makes sense when he is rapping in a song. Lil Wayne consists of incoherent words and words that don't even make sense because he needs a line to rape with. Personally they both are bad, but Lil Wayne is far worse than most rappers.

  • Yes, Drake is, but...

    To be honest, I really don't like either of them. Their lyrics are both, well, terrible in my opinion. I prefer artists more like Eminem, Dre, Kendrick, 50, Tupac, ect. Many people probably won't agree, but based of lyrics and skill, Drake O.P. Lil Wayne. Both of their voices are kind of annoying though. If I were to listen to one, it would definitely be Drake.

  • Duhh come on now

    He is much better because his lyrics are actually good. You could really relate to his lyrics. All Lil Wayne talks about is girls, weed, and lady parts. And his voice is kinda annoying. Don't get me wrong but Lil Wayne is not the worst rapper but he is not the best. So to get to the point he's not better than drake

  • Lil Wayne is so much better. Everyone of his songs is a hit! There isn't a bad one on his albums.

    Haha, no offense to the opinions on Drake's side. BUT, you people have no idea what your talking about. Lil Wayne is WAY to good to even be compared to Drake. First of all, he's a rookie. Second, he doesn't rap.. He SINGS. He's like Trey Songz or something. He's not anything like Lil Wayne for sure. Another thing, Wayne freestyles. He's a real rapper, Drake writes so technically he's a poet or a writer. Lil Wayne is heard everywhere, and everybody knows him. Parents know him. I bet they haven't even heard of Drake. Personally I think Drake doesn't even write his own music, he's a wanna be rapper who is made to be an actor. He had one hit song, "Best I ever had" and the song left as fast as it came. Lil Wayne has had many hit songs, and is the founder of Cash Money AND the founder of Drake. Drake will not go off and do his own thing, because without Wayne he's a singer who won't even compare to Wayne and never will. No disrespect to Drake, he's good. Just nowhere near as good as Wayne. Oh, and to all of those people who think Drake "Goes Hard" he's a little prep boy who looks like he couldn't hurt anything. Wayne doesn't go hard, but Drake DEFINITELY doesn't. But who cares about that? It's just annoying hearing from amateur little kids who think they know real Music Artists that he "Goes Hard".

  • No, he isn't

    While I think Drake has a better voice, I think Lil Wayne is the better rapper. Lil Wayne is well known and used in many other artists' songs as a cameo or partner performer, he is also widely recognized. However, Lil Wayne has had much longer to develop his career and it is possible that Drake could surpass him as time goes on.

  • No He Is Not

    Drake is not a better artist than Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is one of the better artists of the last two decades. He has broken records, had many hits, and been able to stay relevant for a very long time. Lil Wayne makes better music and is more accomplished than Drake is.

  • No

    Drake and Lil Wayne have very different styles, it is hard to compare them let alone say who is "better". It comes down to a matter of preference more than anything else, but rapping is something that used to be more about struggles of life, something that Lil Wayne has experienced much of and probably has a lot more emotion and feeling to put into his music than Drake does.

  • Wayne vs Wayne. Drake isn't even the competion

    Drake supporters should know what an opinion on voice is, just because you like his voice more doesn't mean he is better. 96% of drake fans don't even actually understand Wayne's lyrics. If you were smarter you would know. Wayne has had more accomplishment, more influence, more experience, more popularity, and more hits. His punchline delivery and his flow is currently the better than most rappers nowadays. He has been talking about real shit since childhood, (black discrimination, gangs, killings, real drugs not just weed, what usually blacks and people in the hood have to deal with) but how long can he rap about these things, he isn't even really trying anymore because there is nothing for him to accomplish anymore.

  • Are you drake fans high???

    I love drake and weezy but how can anyone say that drake is better overall. Ok maybe drake is putting out better songs and raps now bu wayne has been killing it since 97 with the hot boyz and he is now a global superstar and has been since 2008. He is better than drake due to having 1.More money
    2. More hits
    3. More classic albums
    4. Better mixtapes and
    5. If there's no wayne then there's no drake.
    I just don't see how drake is better as an overall rapper considering there carers as a whole and not just right now.

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Anonymous says2013-05-16T01:22:43.403
He most definitely is
Anonymous says2013-05-16T01:22:55.690
I believe that Drake is a better Rapper than Lil Wayne
Anonymous says2013-05-16T01:23:07.220
How could you even choose between the two??
Anonymous says2013-05-16T01:23:17.687
I think they both suck equally so....