• Yes, there is a good chance that Draymond Green may be guilty of assault

    Yes, there is a good chance that Draymond Green may be guilty of assault. He is a professional basketball player who should not have gotten into a fight with another man for any reason other than self defense. He is aware that he is in the public eye and that people may target him.

  • Draymond Green should be put away for his abuse

    Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green has been embroiled in a scandal. He is accused of assaulting a women, an accusation that he and his legal team vehemently deny. This accusation should be taken seriously because who knows what other violence Green may commit? I think he should be put in jail.

  • Yes, according to current news sources, Draymond Green is likely guilty of assault.

    Yes, he probably is guilty based on the information that's currently available from news sources. However, it is not for the media or the public to come up with the final verdict. Of course that needs to be determined in a court of law. But at this time, the news stories point to his guilt.

  • No, Draymond Green is not guilty of assault at this time.

    No, Draymond Green's arrest for assault charges is not the same as his being guilty. In the U.S., people are innocent until and unless the prosecution proves their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Charges of committing an assault are not evidence that can be used to prove or establish Draymond Green's guilt under the law.

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