• Yeah it safe most of the time

    In terms of Flint water crisis... They intentionally damage the water supply to kill people. But for the most part, the water is safe to drink. The toxins and stuff are some of the same toxins found in other things we put in our body as well... So it's not that big of a deal. Also many bottled water companies say that they use tap water. So people are just paying for the bottle when they buy water.

  • Safe? OH OF COURSE.

    "They" will tell you that all the toxins and corrosives and chemicals are "harmful" or "irresponsibly inhumane" but that's all just a bunch of alien 9/11 conspiracy theory nonsense. If the water we drink wasn't drinkable then why aren't you dead? Why would anyone give us poisonous water that's just crazy. I'm having a nice cool glass right now and i don't feel like my body is slowly decaying at all..

  • Yes, 91% of all public drinking water is safe.

    While there are some severe exceptions, most tap water in American is perfectly safe to drink. Fears of public drinking water contamination drive many people to needlessly spend money on bottled water. But, tests show that people can't tell the difference between bottled and tap in a head to head test. More people should educate themselves about their local water quality.

  • Lead is bad

    The lead in water that starts to build up in drinking fountains can cause brain damage and other diseases that majorly effect our bodies. When we keep drinking it the lead starts to build up in our bodies( like mercury) and starts to cause the brain damage and diseases that we just don't want

  • In some places, drinking water is not safe

    This depends on the area that you live in and where your water is coming from. Different localities have different qualities of water. Before you drink your water, the best option is to research this and come to your own decision. I am aware that some areas do not have safe drinking water. Research. If your water is not safe, then using filtered water or buying bottled water is your best option.

  • I do not believe it's safe

    I do not believe our drinking water is safe. I believe it could but though. I never, never drink the water out of the faucet, nor do I cook with it. When things happen and the water is no longer safe to drink I'm SURE there was a point of time that the contaminated water was being drunk before people found out that danger was on their doorstep. I'm to scared for this to happen to my family to take that chance and just blindly drink the water. No thank you.

  • Drinking water has become unsafe in America

    Over the last few years and the occurrence of a couple catastrophes, it has been established that American drinking water is unsafe. More than twenty percent of American water treatment systems have violated the major provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act. There are vast numbers of cases of illness after consuming tap water. Many on social media have made videos of experiments testing their water, most with appalling results. The water is contaminated with lead and other metals due to the poor upkeep of the pipelines. This can make the water very bad for your health, if not deadly.

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