Is Duke the dog mayor of Cormorant Minnesota, an example of how rediculous politics have become?

  • Yes, Duke the dog mayor shows how ridiculous politics are.

    Yes, Duke the dog mayor shows how stupid politics are and how stupid people can be. If you're not going to take politics serious, don't vote. This is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in my life. There are real issues in the world and they're taking time to make a dog honorary mayor. The whole thing is a punch in the face to politicians that actually make a difference.

  • Yes, this is an example of how rediculous politics have become.

    Duke the dog is the mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. A dog cannot actually be a mayor and govern a city. Therefore, this is a ridiculous political ploy that shows where politics is at these days. Instead of electing someone serious about governing the city; the residents chose to treat the mayoral election like a joke.

  • It's a nice break from the usual

    This is not the first year the dog has been elected mayor, and the people of the town decided they had enough local government without needing a figurehead mayor to help run the town council. This isn't ridiculous, it's actually quite refreshing to see people take a different path instead of paying a useless salary.

  • It isn't a recent thing

    There's a history around the world of folks voting an animal into a political office. It's usually because the voters are unhappy with their other choices. A cat was voted in as mayor in Alaska about 20 years ago, for example, and retained "honorary mayor" status the rest of his life. A mule won an election in Washington state in 1938. If the alternative is not to vote at all, many folks think voting for an animal at least allows them to voice their opinion.

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