• Yes it most likely is worth attending.

    I have never attended a gaming conference m however for those who like gaming, E3 appear to be a worthwhile event. It is one of the largest conferences int he gaming community each year and is attended by hundreds of thousand of fans. Aside from the conference the exhibition hall will be a crowded venue, showing off latest games and technology.

  • Yes, opening the doors to a group of energized fans creates more awareness.

    The introduction of fans might change a longstanding tradition on the last day of the convention. That's when attendees like Vorhaus have handed out their badges to young fans waiting outside the event, hoping to get in. This year's show is highlighting new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, live-streaming platforms and mobile games.

  • Yes, E3 is fun and informative.

    E3 is an experience that most gamers really enjoy. The free gifts and exclusive sneak peeks keep people coming back. Game lovers can get up close and personal with the characters and systems that they know. The best part of E3 is learning about and trying out the new games, systems and programs before anyone else.

  • Yes E3 is definitly worth attending.

    E3 is where in everything in gaming that is worth seeing can be showcased. Any fan of gaming wants to know what the newest, fastest or greatest thing is going to be should be there. This is not just a place where you just get to look at the product. This is a place you you can interact not just with the product but with the designers and programmers and give your input as a gamer and tell them how you feel. These designers and programmers go to E3 to find out what the gamers want and learn what they can do better and without this type of open forum you loose your opportunity to voice your opinion.

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