• Depends what you consider humane

    If eating dog meat is inhumane, so is rearing cattle for the sole purpose of becoming chow. But humans are omnivores, and meat shouldn't be restricted. So cattle rearing is still our best option for feeding masses.

    Considering someone inhumane for eating 'loyal' and 'cute' animals while one eats other animals, now THATS inhumane and egoistic.

  • Any meat can be humane

    Some people own pet pigs, goats, horses, etc. yet we can still eat this meat. While I personally disapprove of eating dog or cat meat, it's not inhumane in the act of eating it. As long as the method of slaughtering/acquiring the meat is humane, eating the meat will be humane.

  • Dog meat is Good from what I heard.

    My dad has eaten dog before and said it was good. If it is an animal it is food it may be your friend but if you need to eat you must eat it. If it was hungry you would its first meal if you were trapped with it. Eating any animal is humane. People eat cats, Horse, cow, giraffe, etc.. So it is ok to eat dog meat.

    Posted by: MAD3
  • Humane depends on judgment and believe

    If you can eat pork, chicken or fish, surely you can eat dog. All of you eat depend on your judgment and believe. It like the culture because when you stay in the country that eat dog daily so you maybe want to try it like when you're in Rome, you do as Roman do.

  • Thats horrible how would you feel if you got eaten?

    I think that if you eat a dog you must be insane because you should not eat a dog because the people that usually eat a dog torture them before they cook them (alive) in boiling water because it makes the meat tender they say. I think I would be less angry if they kill the dog quick right away and them cook them. When we kill cows and other aninals we make it quick and not painful. We should end dog eating.

  • Should we eat man's best friend?

    How would you feel if your friend came up to you and killed you and ate your insides I do not think the dog would feel to good do you think god likes killing man's best friend? They would be better living on the streets than living with you .

  • No meat is humane

    Dogs are no different than pigs, cows, cats etc. Eating any sentient animal is inhumane and the same goes for dogs. Also, if you own a dog would you like and support it if somebody shot, cooked, and eaten your dog? If the answer is no then why would you eat any other dog.

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