• Edmodo is the way forward

    Edmodo is a educational platform which is gaining a lot of grounds as teachers are excited about its potential and how it has made education more exciting. It is a technology based education program which helps students to grow to their full potential as it erases physical boundaries in the education process.

  • Edmodo is a great educational program

    Yes, I agree that Edmodo is a good program to use for educational purposes. The online platform of Edmodo enables students to interact in an educational sense in a setting with which they are more familiar. Students will likely feel more comfortable voicing their opinions and having a genuine open discussion in an online forum. This comfort will facilitate greater educational understanding and progress for more students.

  • Social media is firmly implanted in our society. It is a way of life. Education is evolving, in tandem.

    Edmodo is the obvious incarnation of early 21st-century culture. Digital media and social networking have proven themselves and are a large part of any effective modern enterprise. We are also amidst a time when education is being reformed, with many other integral aspects of the post-industrial, post-modern world. Technology and education are both rapidly changing, and unsurprisingly, meeting at a point in the present or near future.

  • Yes, Edmodo is a good program to use for educational purposes.

    I believe that Edmodo is a useful platform for improving education because it draws on the social networking culture that young people are used to now. Allowing teachers and students to safely interact online is vital for bringing the educational system into the 21st century and improving learning outcomes for today's learners.

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