• Yes, education is a fundamental right.

    Yes, education is a fundamental right. Every person deserves to have a chance at an education, (K through 12), so that they have a chance of having a successful career and life. There will surely be people who will throw their right to an education away, but everyone should be able to make that choice.

  • Obviously it's a right

    What about the millions of children in third world countries where they don't get education because their government doesn't believe it's a right? As a global community do we just shrug our shoulders and suggest they " work harder " if they want to learn because it's not something everyone gets. One of the people who isn't educated could potentially have the cure for cancer or some other major development that would help society but because they weren't educated we will never experience it. Should we really hold back the progression of our society just because the education system could be profitable?Education is the key to unlocking ones true potential should we really shatter the advancement of society?

  • Yes, education is a fundamental right.

    When you look at what's changing the world, it's the future and maybe even the current generation. And what defines these generations? Education. If we don't educate these generations carefully and successfully, then how can a bunch of uneducated people save the world from it's current state, which isn't pretty.

  • Education is productivity

    I believe that the right to an education is a fundamental human right. I feel that every person should be given a chance to be able to educate themselves. For a long stretch of history, the only people who were allowed to learn to read and write were the wealthy.

  • Yes, education id a fundamental right

    Many students and people of all ages would like to have an opportunity to increase their knowledge. Most of these people aren't able to obtain their goal to get education even after high school because of financial needs. Education is fundamental because to have a good job you need education and to have education you need a job to gain money.

  • Education is a fundamental right!

    Personally, I believe that education is a fundamental right. Education brings one in demand. Without education, we not be informed the fundamental ongoing issues. In this 21st century, education has played a very strong role in our lives. We are being judged without education, thus creating an 'us versus them' in the society.

  • Is education a fundamental.

    Yes, because if it wasn't for school we wouldn't learn anything that we know now, and why would we not care about education? If this opportunity wouldn't happen or appear in our lives we wouldn't learn anything. We want to get a job or be famous, we have to work for that and go to school and get a education. We need to become successful at doing something.

  • Education should be included on the Basic List of Human Rights.

    I believe Americans should have the right to vote. With that being said, I feel that before they vote, they are entitled to know what the issues differences are between the candidates they are choosing between. They also need to understand why either side of an issue feels that it is the best way for the country to move forward. I consider this education and I feel it is the government's responsibility to provide this education to the public.

  • Unlocking potential- regardless of background

    There are people in this world who are not of high social or economic backgrounds. Likewise, there are people who are of very high class backgrounds, both social and economic. Additionally, there are people who are of the middle-class. The point of education is to allow children and teenagers the ability to seek higher positions in the world, and to make life better for themselves and their families. There is absolutely no reason that a child that is willing to learn and work hard to support him/herself should not be given the opportunity to do so.

  • Major Fundamental right.

    Education is part of life, we all know that in order to excel in a particular field one has to gain knowledge first then use that knowledge to achieve goals.

    Unfortunately many children are deprived from education, mainly because of financial issues, either from their household or the country. This ultimately depraves them from their education right.

    I believe that education is a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT ! - Knowledge is Power.

  • Not if you live in the USA

    According to the US Supreme Court, the right to an education is NOT a fundamental right, therefore our national government has no right to stipulate any standards, large or small, for education. It is to be left entirely up to the states and local districts to educate. Your zip-code and those who own homes, determine the quality, or lack thereof, of education. It may be a right, under the equal protection clause, but it is not a fundamental right, with strict scrutiny, that our Constitution, along with our Supreme Court, believes in.

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