• It the key to success

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    education is important for success bye e e e e e e

  • education is the only key to success

    I think it is really important to have education. Education is the only key that unlocks success in a person. Educations help individuals in many ways. It teaches us self discipline and builds up personality. I think education also gives us confident that we need to get through life. Education stands out in many ways.

  • Education is very important

    Education is very important to success. It doesn't have to be education in it's traditional class room form, but any way information is passed down. It can be through an apprenticeship or simply though doing research. There are only a few people who are blessed and talented enough to pick something up without being formally taught.

  • Education is not key

    People should follow their passions in life and it is always the case that to achieve them education is uneccarsary. Education is a multi billion buisness. All you need to know is basic maths and English. It just trains people to live an average life with an average jobs and average social life with an average house and an average everything. Nothing special or different. What kid grows up with the dream of becomeing an accountant? None!

  • No it isn't.

    Education comes in many forms like simply being aware of cultures however schooling isn't necessary to succeed. The schooling system is absolutely corrupt in the sense that it doesn't even measure one's intelligence and indoctrinates one into believing that life is only worth living if you are capable of achieving high grades. This allows you to continue moving onto good universities which only encourages the whole 'average living' idea (a job, house, family, reproduce etc). If someone doesn't have that academic 'intelligence' what? H/she's going to be thought of as incapable? Due to one day out of your whole life, you're going to be thought of has incapable because you failed that exam and you just happened to be unlucky that day? You were sick or were having family issue and couldn't remember that formula. Success derives from happiness.

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