• Yes he is

    Breaking the law makes you a criminal, crime makes people criminals and crime is what society imposes, not what ought to be bad but what is considered to be bad whether it is unfair or not.
    Criminals must pay for their actions, not because they deserve it, but because it is how things work. If Edward Snowden happens to be a martyr for a future cause he needs to suffer first martyrdom.By scaping he only shows:
    1) Fear and lack of commitment to the cause
    2)Having knowingly agreed to live under the city's laws, he implicitly subjected himself to the possibility of being accused of crimes by its citizens and judged guilty by its jury. To do otherwise would have caused him to break his "social contract" with the state, and so harm the state, an unprincipled act.
    The full reasoning behind his refusal to flee is the main subject of the Crito.
    If it is never good to do injustice, then certainly it is never good to do injustice in response to injustice. Edward Snowden is a criminal, whether so is the government is a different question and has nothing to do with the status of Mr Snowden.

  • Yes he is

    He broke the law. That's pretty much the end of the debate. It doesn't matter if some other group are also criminals, he is not absolved of crimes by someone else doing something illegal. Anyone who thinks he is not a criminal should take a look at those heart eating Syrian rebels and realize that by their logic, he is not a criminal because the people he is fighting against are bad people.

  • If he isn't...

    If Snowden did not act in a criminal manner where then, my fellow Americans, do we draw the line and who will draw it? It is quite obvious that HE knew that he had committed a criminal act, why is this even a question? All of the self-righteousness in the universe does not an innocent man make.

  • Did he really commit a crime?

    First off, did he take files from the US government, Yes. However, the story that isn't told is what he actually leaked. THE GOVERNMENT, WAS AND STILL IS, SPYING ON INNOCENT PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS! What he did was for the American people, the government saying he is a criminal is just to get the people to turn against him. Another thing, foreign governments trying to get a hold of him is just showing that other governments spy on their citizens as well.

  • He isnot a criminal

    He is not a criminal duh because of course hes not he is a hero and should be seen as one like damn if you're against snowden you against freedom babe just let him be and Britan you best give him that political asylum cause the government aint treating him right

  • NSA is reading this Forum as well :-)

    Many innovations are disruptive and instigated by creative people; artists, hackers, freethinkers and geniuses. Snowden follows in the footsteps of Luther who had the moral courage to challenge the distorted dogmas and corruptive practices of the Catholic Church by openly challenging them in Germany. Snowden had to the moral courage to challenge a superpower with deeply immoral and criminal practices. If there was a global court of justice United States would be accused of breaking fundamental Human Rights and to pay $1000 to every person or organisation they illegally spied on outside the borders of US. Snowden would be handed a symbolic sentence of $100 (penalty) for stealing datafiles and be given a global passport. It would be up to US to disallow him entry to US territory. This would be a fair justice.

  • When truth becomes treason

    This incident shouldn't be a surprise since the wrongly named Patriot Act was passed. It took Edward Snowden's actions of exposing how severe the surveillance of American's by its own government really is. To the government he's a criminal but in reality his actions were revolutionary in these times. So no he is no criminal in my opinion.

  • Govt negated Constitution

    Constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, and Due Process were trampled by the U.S. Stassi. History indicates Nazi Germany used the very same tactics. History also shows that governments will go to any lengths to discredit anyone who exposes their crimes and injustices. We have arrived at a point where almost the whole of the American government have protituted themselves to the wills of the monied interests and are no longer concerned with insuring a sustainable government and country.

  • Edward as hero or villein?

    What Edward did was clearly a humanly act any human with heart would do. What differs humans from animals is our rationality. If we can't even secure our own privacy then why we are living in this age and under the government? So is he a villein? I don't feel that way.

  • Edward Snowden. Criminal? Really? Did he do anything wrong?

    Oh yeah, he did. He broke this secret agreement or something. Big deal. The U.S. Government should have told us personally that it used internet surveillance programs. U.S. Is a democracy, no? The government shouldn't keep such important actions involving spying on the public secret, no? No matter that it was used only for terrorists, the public should have been informed way earlier, at least to notify them that the program is only to foil terrorists.

    So what did Snowden do that is considered criminal? Aren't you glad to know that the government could possibly read all your emails, texts, facebook posts, etc? Snowden did absolutely nothing criminal in exposing the U.S. Government's internet monitoring programs. In fact he did a great thing by telling the public and letting them be aware of it. And the public took it as no big shock either. Everything turned out well.

  • Thank the Lord for patriot heroes like Snowden.

    In a cynical age it is refreshing to have people like Ed Snowden and Bradley Manning to shed light on the corrupt and secretive machinations of governments that spy on its own citizens or commit acts of murder on innocents.

    There is an online petition urging the UK government to grant political asylum to Edward Snowden, champion of freedom, speaker of truth unto power. I encourage those of you who value freedom to sign:


    Government's will have to be shamed for Edward Snowden to remain free.

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