• English has easy grammar which can be memorized quickly .

    Unlike French, English usually does not assigns genders to nouns. For example , Euro as a noun does not have to be male or female. It is crazy for a language to specify the unit of money as male or female.
    French is also inflected and the conjugation of its verbs is a huge burden on learners .

  • Sort of ...

    I think English is an easier language to learn than French, though I am obviously biased (English is my first language). I don't know a whole ton of French, but what I do know is very confusing, such as all the accents, the unnatural pronunciations (which is a problem for a lot of languages), and the seemingly odd way to represent numbers (80=20*4?). However, I am sure people who speak French could make good cases against mine, as I am, as I said, most likely biased. English is also a confusing language in many ways that French and other languages are not, so English is not the best language.

  • English is a lot better than French.

    English is spoken a lot more than French. English has no grammatical gender.
    English is easier to pronounce.
    English doesn't have any accents on letters.
    English is the world's lingua franca.
    English doesn't spell 99 as 20x4+10+9.
    English doesn't speak too fast.
    English is the language of most films.

  • English is better! Trump sucks

    English is obviously better cause it is more widely spoken than french. Frenches are so dumb and look so ugly, in fact everything about france is fucked up! On the other hand white people are so much smarter and better at life except for Donald Trump, he is a shame to fucking white people.

  • No language is better than another

    No, I do not believe that one language is better than another. One language may be easier to learn than the other or one may be more prominent than the other, but neither will be better. Everyone one will believe that their native language is somehow better then others because that is just pride in their heritage.

  • No, no one language is more effective or better

    I don't think any one language could be called better than any other language. Each one is an effective method of communication for a large number of people and will be more or less relevant based on someone's physical location. For example, someone trying to speak french in tokyo would have a much more difficult time communicating than if they were in Paris.

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