Is English more important than any other language?

Asked by: 123qwaszx
  • English is very important.

    English is very very important because it is helps us to communicate with other foreigners.No other language can help us in communicating with the foreigners better than english. Just for example we went to America we can't talk in our regional languages.It is very important to learn english

    Posted by-vinamra_saurav

  • In coming year's it's like breath

    As per some records in coming decade all the world will have to accept English language become their first language,
    without, this no jobs even not even to learn professional studies(especially doctors)
    English is simple to understandable for uneducated person's drawback is speaking fluently with weight age words is difficult.

  • English is important.

    It is a important language because where we go, without knowing any other language we manage with English Language,so English is important in future. Because now -a-days English knows to every one in future also we will not forget English so, we talk in English. So will be useful in the future. It is important to learn.

  • Mother tongue is family relationship. Similarly English Language is a friend relationship for a human life.

    I'm not fluency in English. But I know the importance of English.
    Every human life having a mother, father, brother, sister and other family relations. Family relations only for basic needs to a man. At the
    same time a friendship is a good alternate relationship to sharing and know the world away from the family for a human life. I think it is English Language.

  • Chinese Spanish German

    If individuals do not leave their home country they could 继续 to use their native spräche alongside their countrymen. Only when that small minority decides to leave their homeland and permently reside is Anglophone nations such as the UK, the USA, Australia, NZ, Canada, or Ireland, do they need to consider picking up English to blend in with the rest of the general population.

  • No, just to English speakers.

    As one who has grown up speaking English, of course I like to hear it spoken whenever and wherever I travel. However, I do not think that means that my language is more important than any other language. I think we benefit by knowing more than one and not being provincial about it.

  • Why should it be?

    How can you gauge how important a language is? A language is a form of communication, there are no "important" languages. If you mean most widely spoken, then Mandarin is the most important language. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language. But personally, I think that languages aren't important. A dead language such as latin is just as important as mandarin or any other language.

  • English only seems to be more important right now.

    No language is more important than any other language in the long run. English is the world's current lingua franca, but it is hardly the only language to have served that purpose, and likely will be overtaken for that purpose in the future. Even in the present, there are still other languages serving that purpose regionally, such as Arabic throughout the Muslim world, and Mandarin throughout China.

    English is also likely to become less important than it is now as technologies (specifically, character encodings, text input methods, and especially various internet technologies) become more advanced and allow more widespread use of other languages, particularly ones that have been delayed by poor treatment of non-Latin alphabets.

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