• Airport security can't get any better

    Most people have experienced the stress of having our luggage checked at airport security, or being asked to leave behind a jar of Grandma's preserves because it exceeds the allowed volume of liquids. Some may argue that people are body-checked at random. While security is important, it is doubtful whether any more can be done to prevent hijacking without exposing passengers to unnecessary anxiety.

  • Yes, enough is being done

    The Tea, while maybe not being perfect, works hard to screen millions of passengers the best they can. Terrorists and hijackers will always be trying to outsmart them and invent and devise ways to get around the rules. There are many ways that the government and airlines are monitoring, and some suggested improvements would potentially represent a violation of passengers' civil liberties.

  • Yes, through security enhancement.

    Over the years, the number of plane hijackings have drastically reduced and this is a clear indication that a lot has been done to contain the vice. Security has improved at all airports, enhanced by massive investment in the latest gadgets and training of security men. Nothing is being left to chance.

  • No, more can be done to keep flights safe from hijackers

    Even with all the additional security requirements added in recent years, I think more can be done to keep flights safe. The additional TSA restrictions were put in place recently after September 11 and have changed very little in the last 15 years. I think it would be relatively easy for someone to beat the system once they are familiar with it. I think the system is inefficient overall. Random checks when going through security do absolutely no good. On my most recent flight, I was marked as the one person on my flight to get a full body pat down. I don't think it's enough to randomly check one person. The odds of randomly selecting the person who is a security risk are a million to one. People also seem to be generally unaware or completely negligent of security measures. They take restricted items in carry on luggage, they don't listen to safety instructions on the flight, and they ignore instructions from flight attendants. I think people are tired and bored of the security measures and do not take them seriously anymore, which opens up a door for higher risk.

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