• Yes, Eric Trump is a liability to his father's campaign.

    Yes, Eric Trump is a liability to his father's campaign because he does not have a professional presence when speaking on behalf of Donald Trump. Eric Trump has made public announcements and media appearances that paint his father in a negative light, often offering conflicting information then what his father's campaign has promoted.

  • No, the people that support Trump and his outdated views on women would expect his son to have identical views.

    Eric Trump supports his father and backs what he says about workplace harrassment. The outdated notion that victims of workplace harassment are not strong and powerful like his sister, will delight Donald Trump's supporters. He will only be a liability to his father's campaign if he openly criticizes his father's behavior.

  • Donald Trump is more of a liability to the Trump campaing than Eric Trump is.

    Eric Trump seems to appear whenever "massaging" of Donald Trump's comments is needed. Typically in an impromptu interview or by way of a Tweet. If anything, Eric Trump helps the campaign by letting America know what his father Donald "really meant" by his comments. The greatest liability to the Trump campaign is Donald Trump himself.

  • Eric Trump shares many of the same views as his father

    In response to Donald Trump's comments on sexual harassment, Eric Trump backed up what his father had said. Eric Trump is not a liability for his father. If he were to disagree or make even more outrageous comments than his father, perhaps he could be viewed as a liability. But he supports his dad.

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