• Advance of tech does not help

    Years ago, people were uninformed, and as such, a lot of people did bad things to each other and the world.
    As we get more intelligent, and develop more tools that could re-shape and help the less-fortunate (and our world), we insist on using money, power and knowledge to continually degrade each other and our environment. We now KNOW better, but choose to watch the Kardashians instead. Pathetic race of being we are...

  • Everything is getting worse

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  • Everything is getting worse

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  • Everything is getting worse

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  • Off course it is.

    Global warming, abusing of petrol, idiots in power, majority of people are fools, inmorality, pride, vanity, masochism, greed, fear, gluttony, sadism and sloth are the keywords for majority of lowlife races that abuse nature.

    Dumbfucks need to grow the fuck up and at least try to get mature in order to let nature take control back. Just grow some trees and stop the using of oil, your stupid car doesnt justify the fucking end of the world. What the fucking else do you need in life beside a woman and a tree and a lake you douchefucking idiot.

    Yea I know it isnt that easy to get mature but for god sake at least try.

    This is, with no doubt the fucking beggining of the end of the world as we know it.

  • Economy mistakes h

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  • Yes, particularly morally.

    More and more people are becoming tolerant of things that were unspeakable just decades ago. Sex and violence are prominent features of today's mainstream entertainment. More and more children and adults are using profanity and behaving disrespectfully. Society in general shows more hatred toward one another than love. Oh and of course dito on economic and climatic declines.

  • I believe it is

    From climate change and unpredictable weather, including severe droughts around the world, to increased natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. The dying of bees needed for pollination is occurring around the world as is War. It appears that the majority of western economies are on the verge of collapse and civil unrest has never been higher.

  • It IS getting worse

    Judging by climate change, and the rapid depletion of nonrenewable resources (water, etc) combined with shoddy politics, I'd say we're all going down the tubes. Sure, we do have some advances in technology, but those advances aren't going to get back our water once it's completely gone, and our current politicians aren't going to do anything to help.

  • Too much efficency

    Profits Cost cutting, , greed, outsourcing, extreme bureaucracy and legal papers to cover the companys ass. As a seaman it has taken the joy out of what I do , I am now just another another cog in the wheel. On paper its better in life its worse for many.

  • The world has gotten better virtually everywhere.

    If you think that the world is getting worse, just look at virtually every stock market's 10-year return. The Dow Jones has doubled. Look at politics. It is very divided, yes, but 100 years ago corruption was commonplace. Also, I don't know about you, but movies are looking a lot better than they were in 1950.

  • If you actually look at the facts it's getting better

    Everyone thinks the world is getting worse because the human brain pays attention to negative things way more than positive things. To prove everyone wrong who thinks the world is getting worse, read the book abundance and you will realize that the world will be way better in the future and you pessimists should lighten up and please stop using your totally bad comebacks to try to prove me wrong!

  • Gee, I don't know, wasn't it 70 years ago mass genocide and human experiment was common place?

    Of course things aren't getting worse. We're in the age of information and liberalism. Are you all forgetting that 70 years ago the japanese and germans were trying to take over the world, and worst of all, they were conducting all those sicking human experiments. And the further you go back in time, the more common place this was! Religions no longer have a strangle hold on society, animal cruelty and human rights abuses are easier to address given the technology we are now able to garner global support for issues in a matter of days. If the mainstream media was accessible 100 years ago as it was today it would have looked like hell of Earth. How can you say things are worse today when a 100 years ago slavery was still in place? I could go for days but it's just common sense. The worst thing about modern civilization is the population growth. WE NEED TO CAP THE POPULATION GROWTH! We got too many people! That Asian continent needs to stop multiplying, now!

  • No, not at all.

    Everything is not getting worse in the world. In fact, violence is at historic lows as I write this, medicine is improving world wide, life span is increasing in virtually every country, more people now have access to clean drinking water, and education is improving almost everywhere. But it is worse in some ways.

  • With More People Comes More Problems

    Everything isn't getting worse in the world, it just seems that way. When the population of the world increases, the needs of the world increase. Things don't get worse, there are just more mouths to feed and more opinions trying to be heard. Things will get better when we learn to feed and house more people to save their lives and increase the quality of life.

  • It's always been awful.

    The view that everything is getting worse in the world is a phenomenon that I like to call Old Fogeyism. As a species, we seem to lack the awareness that the world was always an awful place. We don't seem to figure out that as we got older, we opened our eyes more to the injustices around us.

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