• A tool abused by the masses

    Unfortunately most of the time, people abuse this tool and thus causes more grief than good.

    Bullying, hate, laziness, stupification, egocentricizim...

    Where to start... Lets talk about how self centered people are on facebook in general, their needs to post 100's of pictures of them selves hoping to get artificial likes to feel some sort of self worth. It's ridiculous at its best. People are so obsessed with the idea of having friends and likes on a website more than actually relationships in reality. They look constantly for reinforcements of their addictions and value in society.

    Laziness, or at least a decrease in work performance, these people then become obsessed with the Facebook games and chatter that they lose tack of getting their work done. Now you lose promotions, your, job or even real life relationships.

    Alot of people say cruel things online because they are safe behind a keyboard. Lots of hate and horrible thoughts are put out on Facebook to harm others. Too many people use facebook to spew hate in spite of the fact that they would not do so in person, but it makes them feel better.

    Facebook is helping our put our world on a fast pass to idiocracy.

  • Facebook is just another form of communication.

    Should we not be allowed to talk to people in public because we may cause offence to others, or hurt their feelings. No, that's ridiculous. Facebook (along with many other social networks) is another platform for people to communicate. Censoring such sites is not going to combat any of the problems which people in the opposing "Yes" column have brought up. If facebook didn't exist, kids at schools are still going to get bullied. If facebook didn't exist, narcissists are still going to be narcissists. If facebook didn't exist, people at work would get distracted at other things (e.G Angry birds). Removing a platform of communication is not how we should be going about solving problems created by society.

    Posted by: cj1m
  • No Facebook isn't bad!

    Facebook rather keeps the friends and family in touch! Specially people from far distances who don't meet daily or regularly they can see each others pictures updates etc. Then the new facebook also offers you few updates that can be news or anything! So facebook isn't bad for society whereas the usage of this social networking site can vary!

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