• Facebook is a connector

    Facebook connects people who have lost their contacts long before, helps building friendship , helps in relationship . Helps in education also as has some educating pages, advertises, shows our characters to others. Helps us understand our friends , even connects to people living abroad describes others self . It's up 2 us that whatever we want we can share. We can comment which we won't be able to say in open, like others posts . Can share if interesting

  • Yes, Facebook has brought countless numbers of people and groups together, and helped in many ways in society.

    Facebook has helped long-lost friends and family to find each other, has helped spread the word about different and needy organizations, has helped people to make educated decisions on many issues, and has even helped the police locate criminals. There are some inherently bad things that come along with Facebook and other social networks, but I believe most of those affect the younger set of people, and they should be monitored by their parents anyway.

  • Is the best thing

    I believe that Facebook is good for society because it helps you gain fast connection with family and friends, and it helps you build up your social skills without going out. Facebook is an improvement in technology and is the most popular chatting sight ever. I use Facebook and so far nothing bad has happened and I have been using it for over 4 years. Facebook is more of an improvement than a bad source of technology.
    Posted by: Anonymous

  • It is good for society, but has drawbacks.

    Facebook is a very good thing for society in a lot of ways, but it has a few drawbacks. While it tends to bring people together, it also separates people by computer screens. People prefer to socialize on Facebook a lot of times and end up not actually being with people. Social networks should make you more social, not less.

  • Yes, Facebook is good for society.

    I believe that Facebook is good for society because it helps you gain fast connection with family and friends, and it helps you build up your social skills without going out. Facebook is an improvement in technology and is the most popular chatting sight ever. I use Facebook and so far nothing bad has happened and I have been using it for over 4 years. Facebook is more of an improvement than a bad source of technology.

  • Yes, Facebook is good for society.

    There are pros and cons for Facebook, but if we are able to keep personal fights, or bickering off facebook, it could be quite enjoyable and helpful. It is good to find friends you have lost touch with or talk to family members, or set up events. The games are also enjoyable and some even educations.

  • New friends omg!

    I suffer bullying in real life and i created my account just two months ago. I live in Miami and I already found my two best friends on face book! We already had meet. Face book can make you also know the news and meet very nice people! Thanks Face book!

  • Majority users are below 35 y.O.. Skeptics are none internet-generation-ages.

    Considering that almost 80% social media users belong to the 18-34y.O. Age, this survey surely shall change in the years to come. Non-mainsteam users >35y.O. Perhaps dominate the skeptics who do not yet fully comprehend the internet generation.
    Once the global population social media culture matures 10 years from now, Facebook shall be at its peak benefit to society. Help build by being a good FB users.

  • Dangerous for Kids!

    I have seen kids get into fights about Facebook or over it. Students have been bullied and kids have talked to strangers which lead to problems or kidnaps. People have also let complete strangers follow their everyday lives. When people leave their house everyone knows about it. This is scary.

  • Facebook supports memes

    I like facebook because it offers some dank meme pages, I find that good meme pages are hard to find nowadays. Instagram is ok; however facebook offers me the fresh memes such as Succ My meme or parmesan memes which is also good. So don't ban fayeboo.
    Also Zuckerburg is kind of hot.

  • Waste of time

    I know a lot of people say that Facebook is the best chat room ever! But the truth is, Facebook is FULL waste of time. Imagine without technology, lots of people would go together and have fun. But now, they're using phones, tablets, computers, etc. and they are playing games or texting too much. That can affect their brain cells and their behaviours. Look around the people who use Facebook and you will see that they wasting their time for posting their pictures, friends and showing off that they're cool or whatever. Sometimes they ignored their parents whenever their parents told them to do something important. So I recommend you to stop using Facebook and go talk to
    your friend outside. If you're addicted, then make yourself busy for one week. Use Facebook once time a week if that helps you.

  • Bullying on 'Facebook'

    People get bullied far to much over the internet and Facebook is the worst place to get bullied.'Facebook' is the worst place to be on when you are a teenager. People have killed themsleves over Cyber-bullying on 'Facebook'. It needs to be stopped ad there are to many young people getting nullied and loosing there own self asteem due to bullying on facebook.

  • Facebook is too invasive !

    I now know how it must feel to be a celebrity !
    It is like your whole life is being put on paper and anyone can get in touch whether you want them to or not at any time.
    I felt facebook was running my life. Too many ways for people to get in your hair or your head at any time , when you don't want them to.
    Oh you can say " just don't log on " but I sometimes just wanted to play the games on there...Then somebody starts a convo' or makes a demand of you when all I wanted to do was chill and play games ?
    I felt a huge sense of relief when I closed my account . Good bye Facebook and good riddance ...

  • Antisocial and no point!!!!!!!

    Facebook is what so many people are using to communicate nowadays. While socialising with people you are about to see the next day, you could also be ignoring people you are seeing at that moment. THERE IS NO POINT!!!! If you need to send a desperate message, CALL THEM!!! Don't just think "Oh, there is a much better chance that they are ON FACEBOOK rather than answer THEIR OWN PHONE!!!!!"

  • Why say yes when you can say no ?

    Almost everyone in the new generation is using Facebook for the wrong reasons and some of them are even illegal but most of them just don't care what happens cause teenagers think there immortal when it comes to Facebook. For example drug dealers use Facebook to contact there customers (trafficking narcotics) , A teenager doesn't like certain people so she or he makes posts about them behind there back (cyber bullying) , And now its come to students from grade 6 to college are constantly checking there Facebook in the middle of class and also texting rather than studying. All i have to say is Facebook your not doing a great job your ruining children's life's without them even knowing or caring what the consequence is. Social media was the best but also the worst thing to ever happen and i had enough of people saying yes to Facebook and social medias when they could be saying no . They use their time on Facebook when they could be using there time on more important things like studying and doing your work and focusing on your future , your life not anyone else's. The final thing that makes Facebook bad is when the teens send child pornography no mother or father should know that their son or daughter is mis-using Facebook for these reasons. In my opinion they should keep track on whats actually going on in Facebook because theres more than what you think .

  • You will become socially isolated!

    The more time we spend on the artificial social world of Facebook, the more socially isolated we become. We are a social species and we depend on hearing another’s voice and seeing each other’s facial expressions and body language for proper human interaction. Facebook and other social media just don’t meet these requirements.

  • So many bad thing from being on Facebook

    There are people that you don't know and they could be weirds and people will say things on Facebook but then when you confront them then they act like they didn't mean it but you know they are lying to you because they said it on a social internet and every body think its true when in FACT IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!

  • A person can easy get webbed

    Now a days we hear a lot about cyber crimes and all where people get into a trap of artificial relationship and ultimately land up to things like suicide and all. Therefore one should use it carefully and seriously because no one knows the person other side chatting with u.

  • It's a time waster

    I know people who do spend hours on it all complimenting each other's pics etc and basically saying, "hey look at me. I'm great". It's so false. I left it when offensive photos came up and everyone started "liking" etc. and the reports of bullying is frightening.
    All in all its a comparison site and a platform to falsely boost egos

  • It makes it easy to be stalked.

    Even if you are a perfect law abiding citizen, and never had any problems with others. You may just have something that someone wants, a job, friend, wife, house, money, anything really, it does not matter to a desperate stalker. The information about you that is available to the public can tell a total stranger everything you do, did, or are going to do. Even with privacy settings you are exposed by your network of friends, mainly the friends who's settings are not locked down. That's only from a public perspective, I can only imagine what information and conclusions facebook and their 3rd party partners tell about individuals.

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