• Yes facebook clearly is trying to lower its tax burden.

    Facebook has been in the news many times over the years because of its structure as a company. They have clearly taken action to evade paying taxes. They are not the only large company to do this, others such as Apple and Amazon have been in the news many times for their attempts to avoid tax. It is a shame, but this is the nature of capitalism and the world we live in, greed is horrible, and Facebook is no different to other large tech firms, they are greedy and immoral.

  • Yes, the company is evading taxes

    Unfortunately, a tax loophole allows Facebook to get out of paying taxes. But I don't think you can blame Zuckerberg for taking advantage of the loophole. Why pay billions in taxes if you don't have to? It's up to Congress to reform the tax code so that corporations are required to pay their fair share.

  • Facebook is guilty of tax evasion

    Before you log into Facebook, their front page states that the social media site is "free and always will be." This means that Facebook will do whatever it takes to keep their site free, even if it means engaging in nefarious schemes that will prevent them from being required to pay taxes.

  • Facebook Agrees to Pay Up

    Facebook previously managed to avoid paying their taxes in the UK by funneling money to an Irish subsidiary called Facebook Holdings Limited, and then into an offshore account in the Cayman Islands. Now they have agreed to pay up directly through their British company, and will do at the going rate of 20 percent.

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