• The easiest way to feed people.

    It is fast and efficient. I know that people have problems with animal cruelty but that stuff can easily be fixed by more laws and regulations and supervision. Global warming is also a big deal but scientist are working on ways to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. It is the easiest way to end world hunger in the long run.

  • Industrial farming should be done

    We need industrial farming otherwise we would not have enough food. And it is not inhumane at all animals are stupid creatures that deserve to be eaten. If they weren't made to be eaten than maybe they would be born with a brain that isn't so stupid and worthless and that is why we should have industrial farming.

  • We'd starve otherwise.

    Factory farming is a necessary component of our modern food production and distribution system. You don't have to like it. And if you have the financial and geographical means, then you also don't have to participate. But it is beyond arrogant to assume that factory farming has no place in our world for the hundreds of millions of people who can't get food any other way.

  • Factory Farming is necessary

    Factory farming may be brutal to animals but it is absolutely necessary to feed our worlds growing population. The only way, as scientists agree, to feed the world is by using TECHNOLOGY. Yes, factory farming could be reduced, but in many areas around the world people would STARVE without the cheap meat factory farming produces. Who are we putting first? Animals or OUR race human beings!

  • Yes, factory farming is necessary.

    Yes, I believe that factory farming is necessary. In an ideal world, we would all get our food from natural, small mom and pop farms, in the real world, this is simply not feasible. In order to have enough supply to sustain our current demand, simply old-fashioned farming on a small scale will not be enough, and factory farming is necessary.

  • Yes, factory farming is necessary to support the growing population.

    Without factory farming, there would be an even graeter shortage of food for the growing world population. Also, since the U.S. is now using a significant portion of the corn crop for use in manufacturing ethanol, we will require more acreage planted to sustain the need for food and feed grains.

  • Factory Farming Is Necessary

    Yes, factory farming is definitely necessary. Human consumption of meat and dairy products is so large that factory farming is the only large-scale method to cover the demands. As the population only continues to grow, factory farms will continue to service this need. If you do not agree with factory farming, then seek your food through local farms, but be prepared to pay higher prices.

  • Part of Modern Society

    Factory farming is a necessary part of modern society. It helps distribute food to those who need it. Plants are grown efficiently using modern processes. Although some may argue factory farms aren't the best for agriculture and livestock, there is something that can be said of huge farms that can produce a lot of food very quickly for modern food consumption.

  • I like meat

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  • What are all these shitty arguments

    ''we would starve'' it's called being vegetarian/vegan, they survive perfectly well and healthier without ever eating meat ''but but the space'' it takes more space to make meat then it takes to make the same amount of vegetables.

    'there would be a even bigger shortage of food for the world population'' well here's a fun fact for you: if you stopped giving food to these animals to make meat you can feed MILLIONS of people more then you can now because animals aren't eating the food, so if anything having so many meat farms causes a shortage of food

  • Dont need it

    Animals are abused till they die. That it not right. How would you like to be abused each and everyday. We will still have plenty of food. Factory farming could just as well be another word for wrong, because it is. It needs to stop know. Please make it happen.

  • Instead of controlling animals control humans then distribute it better

    Many people here are saying that humans would and starve and to be fair in the socity we have right now we would starv but if we reduced the human population(laws that you can only have 2 children) then with the new generation teach them how to properly eat,they would then only eat as much meat that they need and no more we could get rid of thousands of factory farms. Also with this method we would solve obesity. Net to distribute the food better, with people eating less meat we could ship the extra to places in the world where there is not enough solving hunger and boom happy cows and humans.

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  • Factory Farming Is Neccesary

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  • Abuse to animals

    Factory farming is an necessary way of farming for meat. Animals locked in cages, not fed, do not have access to water, and can't even lie down. Farming does not have to end, as animals can provide meat without getting abused their whole lifetimes. Free range farming may cost a little more, but it is totally worth it for the animals sake. Farmers are stingey and lazy, factory farming is the easiest and cheapest way for THEM. But for the animals, it is cruel. The farmers only think about themselves and their money in the situation, not the animals wellbeing.

  • Animals should not be harmed

    Animals should not be kept hostage because they need to be free to roam and not be kept hostage for our sake even though we need the resource they still need a life too because they are organisms and living things just like us that is why we need to end this horrible thing

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  • Should be banned

    You might think that animal agriculture is a good source of meat, but really it is just damaging the environment. In fact, it is one of the causes of global warming and deforestation. Did you know that animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of the total release of greenhouse gases world-wide (that is more than all the cars, trucks, planes, and ships in the world combined). In addition, livestock account for an estimated 9% of global Carbon Dioxide emissions, an estimated 35-40% of global Methane emissions and 65% of Nitrous Oxide emissions. By replacing your “regular car” with a Toyota Prius the average person can prevent the emission of about 1 ton of CO2 into the atmosphere, By replacing an omnivorous diet with a vegan diet the average person can prevent the emission of about 1.5 tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. That’s 50% more CO2 saved!


    These animals are emitting noxious levels of CO2, methane gas, and waste from the feces that pollutes the air and waterways, all because of the crops farmers are feeding them to bulk them up for slaughter. Can you imagine these poor animals are being bulked up just for us to eat them. Not only is that cruel to the animals it is also environmentally effecting us. Factory farming packs animals into spaces so tight they can barely move, so many have no access to the outdoors and spend their lives on open warehouse floors, or housed on cages or pens. Without the room to engage in natural behaviors, and while they are confined they experience physical and mental distress.

  • No! Stop torturing these poor animals

    Okay, this is bull crap, there is no point in tortuing animals for food, like seriously all we have to do is line them up and take them down it is not necessary to tortue them for hours and hours it's just more slower and INSANLY PAINFUL. Yes factory farming is nessisarry but just torturing them is not nessisarry is it that hard to line them up and take them down. Just a quick and painless death.

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