Is far cry 4 better than call of duty advanced warfare?

Asked by: deathwish188
  • Far cry is better

    Far cry 4 is like call of duty, except that there are easily many more things to do in far cry. You can hunt, craft, customize items, ride on elephants, explore the massive world, and much more. There are more missions, better missions, and many side missions, and the story is longer. Basically all you do in call of duty advanced warfare is do the missions and kill people. But There's alot more things than just that in far cry 4

  • Far Cry 4 is far superior to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare:

    Let's see: Call of Duty, although trying something new this year, really comes nowhere close to far cry 4. First, lets compare the singleplayer. Far Cry 4 is an open-world game that greatly expands on the mechanics of far cry 3, as well as adding much, much more new ones. It takes place in the beautiful (subjective, I know) Himalayan country of Kyrat, and features a pretty good story line (with major choices and different endings), hours of sidecontent(towers, outposts, side quests, hunting challanges, ect.). The open world is huge and interactive (wild-life, random firefights). There is a vast arsenal to suit any play style (stealth, run and gun, or a mix). All call of duty has is a mediocre, linear storyline (although I will give it a point for Kevin Spacey), which really only provides couple hours of entertainment. Now, on to multiplayer. Far cry 4 has co-op in its huge open world. Call of duty has co-op survival, which is just surviving round after round. Yes, call of duty has very addictive multiplayer, but a lot of the mechanics are just watered down versions of the one found in titanfall. Far cry 4, on the other hand, has two different factions. The Rakshasa and the golden path, each having unique weapons, abilities, and still is very well balanced. Also, Far Cry 4 has a map editor, which Call of Duty lacks (which is surprising for a very popular multiplayer game). Thus, Far Cry 4 is better to having more content, more diverse content, and having some originality.

  • Call of Duty Advanced FANBOY Warfare

    Yes and no,it depends on what you prefer far Cry is a open world expansion for those atheists and Call of Duty on the other hand is Linear and run and shoot but....Its FUN. You got admit,epically when your fighting in Antarctica (which makes me want Battlefront),Baghdad and Airplanes ZOOOMM. Not to mention LAZERS and JETPACKS!!!!

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