• Fascism is Self-Destructive

    What needs to be understood about fascism is that it is like a fire, and the fuel source it thrives on is the emotions of its fellow travelers. To place emotional weight in a hierarchical place of importance above your sense of logic or ethics is to abandon your senses. Did the people who voted for Hitler think he would actually kill any Jews? Many of them, these fellow travelers, did not think so, and they could not expect the hidden motives of Mein Kampf to be so omnicidal.

    It's a worship of myth, of the good old days, where everything was better. It's got a lot in common with nationalism and populism, and the rhetoric needs to be dissected.

  • Yes it is

    Yes it is evil because it restricts the rights of the people. There is no free speech, free religion or any rights under fascism and millions of people have died under it as well. It may be the most diabolical and oppressive form of government in the history of the world.

  • Yes it is

    Fascist dictators are diametrically opposed to freedom in all its forms. Freedom of speech, the press, religion you name it. It is the most diabolical force ever devised. Benito Mussolini was a complete mad man. Just like Hitler and Franco. They regimented peoples lives to the point they went crazy, and exterminated anyone they deemed to be "subhuman" like if you are black, gay disabled and especially Jewish. If you were any of those things in Hitler's Germany guess what? You were dead. What a silly question.

  • Yes it it

    Fascism is the most diabolical thing ever to exist on planet earth. Corporations dominate everyone, workers have no rights, and should anyone try to be anything different from what the government tells them to be, they are put in a concentration camp or sterilized. Fascist leaders cling to delusions, such as creating a race of Aryan supermen, or restoring the fallen roman empire through conquest and subjugation of third world countries. A fascist is anyone who sees others unlike himself as subhuman.

  • Nuremburg trials show Fascism is inherently EVIL

    Most of the crowd at the Nuremburg trials were psychiatrists. THey were given one question. What is Evil? The trials revealed the Fascism is inherently evil for one main reason. It leaves the fate of human beings to the decisions made by a heartless and soulless board of directors charged with one thing as their job descriptions, "Profit"... They found that in all cases that were brought up at the trial it was the drive for profit and efficiency that drove Business owners to abuse Nazi supplied slave workers. In all cases it was only a matter of time until certain groups were demonised and then worked to death in the name of profit! Most of the prisoners held in concentration camps were leased out to company owners. It was at their hands they died in the millions. So ask yourself one question. Are you willing to gamble on a faceless and hidden corporate agenda dictating whether you live or die? ARE YOU? FASCISM IS INHERANTLY EVIL!!!! The case studies from the Nuremburg trials are available to read. If you want to know the answer do your homework. Extremism in any form either left wing or right wing is madness!

  • Yes. History Has Proven that Fascism is Evil

    Of course one could argue just about anything they wanted but it would not cause it to be the truth. To learn the truth about Fascism all one needs to do is look to history for the answer. Fascism brought the world Benito Mussolini from Italy and Adolf Hitler from Germany. The list goes on and on but those two make my case clear and concise. One would be hard pressed to name a famous Fascist but could easily name plenty of infamous Fascist. One might say that does not prove the concept of Fascism inherently evil. I say the proof is in the pudding and it does prove Fascism is an inherently evil concept.

  • Fascism is not evil in and of itself.

    The idea of fascism is about uniting the people together to do what is best for the civilization. However, fascism is often resorted to when a country is in shambles or has a serious enemy that needs to be dealt with. As sad as it is, the biggest threat to people is other people.
    Whether it because one group is oppressing another, or one group is dragging another down, there is often only one solution. When the question is asked: "can't we just all get along?", sometimes the answer is just no. Fascism is almost always resulted to as a way to build back up a falling country. "When you are cleaning your house, don't forget to take out the trash." Getting rid of a group may, as bad as it sounds, necessary to fix your country. The ideology is supposed to be focused on the natural law of everyone uniting together to be stronger, especially under a strong leader.

  • Fascism is not inherently evil, but as is the case with any autocratic system of government, it typically leads to evil

    Fascism is associated with evil solely because evil people were in control of Germany and Italy. If Hitler and Mussolini had been good people focused on helping all of their citizens and protecting them from threats abroad, the system would be praised instead of denounced. Any autocratic governmental system leads to the government following the morals of its leaders, so by definition the system cannot be evil even if its leaders are.

  • It can work. We just need someone who isn't a Bigoted Loon in charge

    Fascism means that a single party is in control.
    The reason it has such a bad rep, is because one of those parties just so happened to be Hitler.
    If a single Party is in control and said party genuinely strives to better the nation and is forces equality(because logic) and doesn't do anything that could result in a rebellion, then it will work.

  • The key word here is "inherent." Inherent may be defined as essential, permanent, and a necessary, existential quality.

    While I believe that fascism in practice would always result in evil, the political philosophy itself need not require evil conditions among those governed by it to be in existence; a group of people, under their own volition, need not be under conditions that result in suffering if they were to follow a fascist system. However, this would almost never be the case barring those at the top authority in the fascist system.

  • Emotions get in the way of logic

    Fascism is associated with Hitler and the Nazis, so it is branded as evil. However, it' is not the politics that are evil, it's the men who did the deeds who were evil. Because of the horrors committed, even mentioning that Hitler did an amazing job of turning around a bankrupt Germany will get you in trouble. If you can take emotion out of it and look at the positive things done and not just the horrors, you can see that there are some benefits of fascism. If Hitler had not decided to go nuts and start a world war and exterminate people, we may be talking about Hitler as the man who saved Germany. Because he truly did an amazing job of bringing Germany back from the brink of anarchy. Facisism can work when a country decides the good of the country out weighs the good of the individual. It can work when a lunatic isn't in charge. Like with any ideology, there have been good and bad leaders. People,only associate facisism with the evil leaders of the 1930's and 40's. But it was the people not the ideas that were evil.

  • Fascism is just not individualistic.

    Fascism puts the focus on protecting the group. Whether that be national, cultural or ethnic. It rejects democracy in favour of a group supported dictatorship to avoid the inherent problems that democracy brings, such as politicians more focused on getting re-elected, instead of being public servants. Unlike Marxism, however, it does not advocate unobtainable egalitarian ideals that require a perpetual class struggle. Instead it acknowledges that people are not inherently equal as individuals, but all can serve a function in the group. Fascism is focused on being strong as a group. And for this reason it often goes hand in hand with nationalism and a strong sense of identity.

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  • Of course it's no inherently evil

    As any political view, it has its pros and cons, depending on the intends of the speaker. Fascism's mainstream is about nationalism, and that's a really tough point to say in which measure it's good or it's not. Someone who hates immigrants may state that fascim advocates massive extradiction of non-compatriots. The same way, a fascist person can defend that strong international trade policy may disrupt internal government and cause external dependance. You cannot say that ideas of this last person are nonsense.

    Posted by: jswe
  • Ideas are neither good, nor are they evil, they just are.

    The dichotomy of good and evil is invented by man to determine what is ok and not ok to do or say in a particular society. Things that cause people to do harm to others and is not evolutionarily acceptable is considered genuinely evil. Rape, pedophilia, zoophila, stealing, and murder are considered evil in our society and should be. Rape causes psychological damage to people so does pedophilia. Zoophilia benefits no one evolutionarily and can lead to illness, spreading, and evolution of serious. It is not speciast to say animals are not as intelligent as humans. A dog cannot talk, explain evolution, give spoken consent, animal communication doesn't count, they don't know two plus two, they know how to eat, procreate, and love others, despite animals loving humans as partners in some case, it is permissable, if it is declared ok then pedophilia is ok, however that is never ok. Murder causes suffering to many people including the families of the murdered of individuals. Stealing leads to psychological damage to people and takes things of value away from people who work hard. Stealing can be argued to be evolutionarily acceptable, but due to the psychological effects it is evil in our society.

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