• When you say Fashion, I hear Art!

    Why fashion is art is because if you take two pieces of art that are of the exact some thing they are not exactly alike which is like fashion because if you gave two kids the exact same outfit they would make it their one by adding a hair band, or a nick-lice, by adding a ring, a bracelet, and by maybe one kid well tulk his shirt under his/her pants.

  • Yes, what we wear can be artistic.

    Art is any self expression that is consciously made and displayed. What a person wears on his or her body can be seen as art if it is meant to express inner self and outer flair. If whatever a person chooses to call art on the wall is art, then whatever a person chooses to call art that he or she wears is art, too.

  • Yes, fashion is art.

    Fashion is definitely art. Art is how people express themselves and how they are feeling. Those who design the cloths are making art out of cloth and creating something wonderful that people can also wear. The way a person dresses themselves or does their make up is also art. They are expressing something.

  • Yes, it possesses the same qualities.

    Although we don't look at fashion in a frame on the wall or in a museum (though sometimes it is in a museum), fashion accomplishes many of the same things as art: self expression, a reflection of our culture; creative design. For these reasons, fashion is art; art isn't just what hangs in a museum, it is all around us.

  • I believe so!

    Fashion is how many people express their individuality. Designers believe that their clothes and accessory are an extension of them selves. All artist of every kind enjoy and love what they do. Fashion helps women to become more of an individual in an marriage. There is all ways going to be a pessimist who only believes are paintings are art, but art is very personal expression!

  • It is wearable art.

    The use of fashion to express individuality is art. If one looks at some of the outfits worn by models, they could see that the clothing is a way for the designer to express themselves, which is all art really is. It doesn't have to be great in the eyes of everyone, as art always has some form of criticism.

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