• Blaming fast food!

    They are giving people something bad, the food alone is to blame for obesity. I understand some people cant afford anything else but McDonald's everyday and if people don't have money, the least fast food chains do is serve and offer something healthy! I'm also partially blaming the consumer because it is their personal responsibility.

  • A qualified "yes" vote.

    Fast food ALONE is not to blame for obesity, but it is a huge contributor. Considering the millions of people served at fast food restaurants versus any other eating establishment, fast food restaurants hold a particular responsibility to provide nutritious, tasty and healthy food. Instead, most fast food restaurants provide clearly unhealthy food, or unhealthy food disguised as healthy food (such as salads with fat-laden dressing). Such disingenuity should be discouraged with proper nutritional labeling.

  • An indirect pressure which increases the negative impact of obesity.

    Fast food is not to blame, however, the impact of fast food on a person’s health would have any jury struggling to agree that fast food outlets are innocent bystanders in the global impact of obesity in the world. Therefore in my opinion they can be no dissociation between the frequency of fast food consumed and an individual’s health. Fast food is a catalyst for obesity, not the cause, but it’s role cannot be underestimated. Yes I agree that individuals have a choice, but the scientific evidence is out there that the average health of people of middle to low socio-economic background, who live in close proximity the fast food outlets have poorer obesity related health issues than those that don’t. This is further proved by the massive increase in westernisation of eastern countries who previously had no fast food outlets and therefore relatively (comparatively to developed western countries) low to non-existent health related diseases (heart disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and even some cancers just to name a few). While I’m sure there are many “anonymous” fast food company representatives that may try to sway a vote in an online poll (such as this) in order to clear their conscience and make another dollar, I would challenge any of them to prove my arguments wrong. As a Health and Physical Education teacher of over 10 years, I have seen the result of children that have grown up eating the rubbish food that can be produced at fast food outlets to the point they are addicted. This means that they mentally no longer have a choice as it is habitual. Governments are forcing fast food outlets to state the nutritional value of their meals in their ‘restaurants’ like packets of smokes or bottles of alcohol display warnings of the health impact they may have. They wouldn’t consider these kind of steps if fast food did not contribute to what our world is reportedly experiencing, an ‘obesity epidemic’. Have none of you seen supersize me? Or lost your common sense in the bottom of a greasy burger? It is obvious that while we will not see fast food banned due to the commercial cost, the long term medical and health savings could possibly out way these losses.

  • Yes, fast food is to blame for obesity.

    I don't think obesity is entirely a problem of the individuals who are obese, I don't have any statistics, but through observation and a basic understanding of human nature I have the opinion that yes fast food companies are a major contributor to this now global epidemic. Take the people of El Salvador who until recently have been the latest victims of the beasts of capitalism, (the fast food giants) and as a result tooth decay is rapidly rising in children, along with other health conditions. With a health care system that can't cope, one asks whether the companies responsible should foot the bill? And as a topic of discussion no one wants to attribute any responsibility to these institutions, we seem to have adopted the corporate way of thinking where profits rule. Capitalism is destroying people physically but more importantly there ethics, as well as the planet, just as a beast destroys all it comes into contact with.

  • You guys are liars

    This industry forced me to get its food. I am dissatified to the limit. I was forced down and I must now take back. This needs to stop. I need to get help from this nasty disgusting industry. I am going insane. This was forced upon myself and my stomach

  • You guys are LIARS

    This fast food was forced inside of me for all of the stuff it did to eat all of this for everything of fatting i did in my life. I need to get help from this disgusting industry with its so good food. I hate this so much. Eliminate fast food

  • No fast food don't get the blame

    Its people fault that they eat fast food and don't do exercise and they just stay home and sit on bed or sofa and use a computer.If they do exercise they will not get fat and they can eat fast food and once a week and they can do exercise after that and they can eat healthy food rest of the week.They will then just like normal and healthy people.

  • No fast food don't get the blame

    Its people fault that they eat fast food and don't do exercise and they just stay home and sit on bed or sofa and use a computer.If they do exercise they will not get fat and they can eat fast food and once a week and they can do exercise after that and they can eat healthy food rest of the week.They will then just like normal and healthy people.

  • Every day 11/14 Americans eat fast food every day. 9/10 Americans visit one daily.

    Fast food contains fatty acids, bad ingredients, and preservatives. For example, we know that its not entirely safe either, just a couple years ago e.Coli was found all through out the fast food chain. This was very effective on the people who ate it and even killed people who ate there food. Another reason is that it had been proven that fast food contains a chemical that makes people want to eat it more and more. Although fast food is helpful through-out peoples lives it can be very dangerous and can be very bad for you health and weight.

  • This is my title

    Bc they decided to go and eat there more than 2 a day and so that your fault its not the fast food fault its yours. Your not force to eat there you chose to! You could make food at home thats way healthier than fast food but there just too lazy to cook themself and there for it there fault

  • Stop blaming Fast Food!

    It is not the Fast Food companies Fault your getting fat. Look, stop blaming the Fast Food companies for making you overwieght, when it's YOUR CHOICE to eat the food in the first place. Now if you would stop eating it and start exercise maybe you will realize, Oh it was me.

  • No, it is a person's choice to eat.

    I'm sorry, I did not realize when you drove by McDonald's they forced you to shove a burger down your throat. They didn't, because it was your choice, not theirs. A big bag of lettuce costs as much as a small burger at Wendy's, so I don't buy the whole money excuse.



  • Americans are to blame for obesity.

    The amount of obesity has gone up because we have gotten lazy. The American people have the option of working out and they have the option of not eating the food, but they don't because they see that there is some food and they eat it and don't think about the after effects that food has. After a period of time of eating the same fat-filled food, they start gaining weight, and they say that it is just a little, and after a while they have gained 100 pounds or more by eating the same food over and over again. The Americans have the choice of doing something about it, but they are too lazy to get off their butts and do something about it. If anybody reads this and needs to lose weight, all you have to do is get up and say, "I'm going to walk," and build off of that. Please stop standing around, and do something about it.

  • Matter of Free Will

    Fast food has exsisted in this country for years and we've only recently seen a huge increase in obesity. Sure, the portion sizes have grown quite dramatically but so have the number of healthier options offered. Just because you go to a fast food restaurant doesn't mean you have to order the biggest, fattiest, most calorie containing thing on the menu. It's all about choices which are influenced by family, peers, and understanding of basic nutrition concepts. Don't tell me you didn't know a greasy burger, large fries and 44oz soda were bad for you. It's one thing to not have access to fresh, healthy foods because of lack of income or geographical location.. it's another to throw self control to the wind and claim ignorance. You can have that greasy burger once in awhile if you practice healthy habits the majority of the time and you won't be obese

  • No, people are more to blame for obesity than fast food.

    Even though fast food is readily available to most people, individuals still have to make a choice to maintain their health. There are some fast food restaurants that now offer healthier choices like fresh fruit or salads so that those who are trying to watch their weight can do so successfully. Genetic factors and lifestyle also play a role in obesity. It is up to each individual to find out how to treat and prevent obesity for themselves.

  • No. There are many factors to blame.

    Society can not put all the blame for obesity on one cause. There are many reasons why obesity rates have exploded. Fast food has made food cheaper and quicker to access, but ultimately it is the person who makes the decision whether they will eat more unhealthy food or not and therefore they deserve most of the blame.

  • It is not.

    Fast Food restaurants should not be the ones to blame because the people that go and eat, chose to eat this food. It is also not there fault because every fast food restaurant has at least 1 healthy thing on it's menu so if they don't chose to eat anything healthy, then that is their problem. If they don't eat something healthy then obviously they can't control them self.

  • No fast food don't get the blame

    Its people fault that they eat fast food and don't do exercise and they just stay home and sit on bed or sofa and use a computer.If they do exercise they will not get fat and they can eat fast food and once a week and they can do exercise after that and they can eat healthy food rest of the week.They will then just like normal and healthy people.

  • The people are

    No one is forcing you t eat it, and when you do its your choice to be lazy and not get up and move to work off the calories, people are lazy thats why everyone is obese. The companys are not to blame for this. Even without fast food people would still be obese because of other foods sold in stores

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Can someone put a ban on these fast food questions? Like seriously.
Adam2 says2014-04-30T21:33:16.287
McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's... Like shut up!
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Jorda smells