• Celebrities Have Privacy Rights Too

    Celebrities have just as much right to privacy while in public as anyone else. Do average non-celebrity people like being filmed or photographed by strangers? No, it's creepy and invasive. Celebrities must feel this way too, even though they choose a public life, they also deserve some privacy in public.

  • yes, filiming celebrities violates their basic human rights

    no one would liketo be stalked, celebrity or not. we tend to forget that celebrities are just ordinary people whose career is for entertainment. their private lives are not commodities unless they prefer it that way (ie the kardashians) but most celebrities are just theatre people who live lives just as we do.

  • This is what it's all about.

    Do you think Beyonce's getting paid millions of dollars just to sing songs she didn't write and dance in music videos. No. She's getting payed to be the face. To be the face of the music. She's getting paid to be followed and asked questions about her life and get her picture taken so the people who actually wrote the songs, made up the choreography, and set up the concerts don't have to. You get payed millions of dollars to go on tour for months at a time not seeing your family. You get paid that much to deal with the pain that comes with being a celebrity, and that includes getting your picture taken all the time. If celebrities are getting payed just for singing, dancing, or acting alone, then people like doctors, teachers, and lawyers should be getting payed billions.

  • No, public filming of celebrities does not invade their privacy.

    I believe when celebrities are out in public (and "out in public" are the key words here), it is perfectly acceptable for them to be photographed. In my opinion, whatever any person (celebrity or not) does publicly is fair game for all to see. A good rule of thumb for celebrities is for them to always assume they are on camera when they are out in public.

  • Why filming celebrities in public is alright

    I do not believe that filming celebrities while they are out in public is an invasion of privacy. They are out and about, and anyone has the right to film them. Especially considering that they are famous people, they should expect to be both filmed and photographed in public because of the lifestyle that they have chosen to live.

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