• Stay up and study, or get an F

    If you need to pass a test, you gotta finish your homework, and quick. With all of your understanding from your homework, you can ace any test. Once I stayed up until 2:00 am and the day after that I did it until the sun rose up. Homework is struggle, especially algebra. So you better not fail, or you will have to do everything again.

  • Ye ye ye

    Alright alright alright alright alrightalright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alrightalright alright alright alright alright ok just do it make your dreams come true
    who need to live school is better than your health
    who cares about health anyways when you can learn
    who cares about life

  • Sleep is for the weak

    Sleep is for the weak, finishing homework is important. They say you should time your stuff more carefully, but things come up. And teachers expect your work to be done, with no excuse. I am one who would rather not have sleep, or a few hours or minutes to sleep rather than receiving an F. I only get a few hours of sleep, I have tons of homework, and studying but still get honor roll. But it costs me my sleep/health. But I must get good grades and pass. Teachers put a lot on us and its best not to fall behind.

  • Yes, responsibility is key.

    Yes, finishing homework is more important than sleep, because students need to learn to follow through on their commitments. Part of going to school is learning how to juggle multiple commitments in order to make sure that all responsibilities get done. Students should learn they have to finish their work, whether they are tired or not.

  • Read This! You will understand

    If you dont get enough sleep... Then the day comes and you are distracted and sleepy and you fail the test anyways so not only did you just waste time studying but now you are going to be distracted in all your other classes too and that might make you not finish your classwork so you have more homework and the cycle just adds up. But it you study for just enough time to get sleep, then you might be able to pass with a c or maybe get a D which is bad but better than an F and you can concentrate on your day, finish your work, and not have too much homework piled up

  • Not really but also yes

    If out educations goal was to make shure you have learned and prepare you for long term sucess then homework would be an optional thing to train you for the tests because it teaches you dicipline because you have to know yourself enough to know that you should do some of it but sleep followed by lectures will always be the first priority but because we live in a socioty where homework is instrumental to passing a class even if you don't understand the material (which should not happen) we set ourselves up for failure by only gaining short term knoledge and not preparing for long term success. I call for a reform of the school systems!

  • Hw is dumb

    Sleep is so much better than hw, hw is too time-consuming and too wasteful, causes too much stress for people who cant handle it. What you really need is a solid 8-12 of sleep each night. Hw will keep you up until 2am and you will have to wake up at like 6am giving you only 4 hours of sleep.

  • Should not be

    There are some reasons as to why people stay up to do their homework. They would either have left it too late, which makes this a learning experience. They either can't handle the work, which means they should leave it and do stuff at their own pace. Or there was another thing stopping them from doing their homework on time, which means the individual should be exempt from having it in late. Sleep is very important and should not be deprived over homework.

  • No It Is Not

    So you want to do homework, finish it at like 2 o clock it the morning fall asleep then wake up few hours later with only like 5 hours of sleep and then expect your school work to go well?
    If you're going to be really tired teacher is just going to give you more homework or a detention so think about it. If you can do it in morning.

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