• Five Nights at Freddy's is based off of a true story.

    Five Nights at Freddy's is based off of a true story because the 4th game has direct references to what truly happened, and that has links to Scott Cawthon and his family. When playing the 4th game, if you look closely out the left door, you can see pictures of Scott and his family. The minigames after each night contain the truth as to the Bite of 87, the Missing Children Incident, and to the boy's relationship with his family. My personal opinion is that something tragic happened to one of Scott's kids, and he made FNAF in order to voice out his sadness and to voice out his love for his kids.

  • Yes its real

    Fnaf is real because people actually died there and the five missing kids where on the news and you know you guys seen it on the news i had located it on my phone i actually seen them in the restraint of fazbears pizza place and it is so real

  • I believe that it is

    If you listen closely to the call when the phone guy states "The Bite Of '87" promptly he sounds disturbed and over all anxious, I have done my research at (YouTube.Com/watch?V=5iV-rFfqOeE), to the addition of this if you pay attention to the actual footage, you will hear the thumping of metal feet under the floor as the boys run from the "mysterious" animotronic character. I rest my case, just do the research, or part of it yourselves.

  • Yes it is because ...

    There is a YouTube video that was done by a 13 year old and he found the exact location and eve found a damaged Freddy head. He compared the images that he took at the place and the ones from the game and its identical. He also found an old tape and played it and it was an old phone call between the owner of Freddy Fazbears Pizza and it was his voice! If you also listen to the songs and watch YouTube videos and do your research and stuff, you can easily make a link with the story line and how it happened. It is real because : 1 - there is found footage of a phone call. 2 - There is a FOUND PIZZERIA. 3 - everything links up! It is very possible that the creator of the game based their game of a real event that took place in 1987.

  • Is Squad Broken a good story?

    FNAF's backstory is true in-universe. In here, it's just the developer making an Easter egg for his more observant viewers.
    I then applied and got a job at Sexist Cooper Advertising. Did you know the CEO's sleeping with all ninety-three of his secretaries? That environment sounds amazing. Also, SQUAD BROKEN!

  • How can you even THINK it`s true

    I haven`t played any of the FNAF games,but one thing I know is that something as ridiculous as that couldn`t happen. I mean,it`s OBVIOUSLY fictionised,because if you use common sense,it couldn`t have happened. So if you actually believe it`s true,you have got the WRONG idea. So anyone who says yes,your nuts.

    Posted by: bvc
  • I think the fan base has gone a little too far here.

    Well considering the whole fan base is made of ages from 4-12 I'm not surprised, I can guarantee you that FNAF didn't happen primarily because anatomical technology wasn't exactly present in the 80's, along with that the concept being too ridiculously absurd.
    I mean of course during the 1980s a bunch of robots somehow became self aware over paranormal events, pfffft.

  • No its not

    Scott has told us alot about the game but this is just to ridiculous of a horor game to be real. Even in the forth game when you are playing as the bite of eighty seven doesn't mean that its actual true. For someone to get their frontal lobe bitten off and still live is very unlikely but possible. Even if they did live you frontal lobe is what allows you to feel fear. So if this was a true story the victim wouldn't be able to feel fear therefore proving that all the games are just fiction. Anyone who said yes is just a noob!

  • Uhm wtheck, its known that its not

    Scott has even said its not true, i would expect someone, anyone to find the story online about a robot biting a kids head. But honestly there isnt , so anyone who votes yes is simply stupid, they are claiming something is a fact without evidence, without support, stupid people...

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