• No duh it's dangerous!

    Lots of Ways to get Hurt in Football:
    •falling on the floor
    •if you don't have a helmet
    •if a football hits your head
    •hit your head with someone else
    •scraping your knees
    •falling on someone else
    •hitting yourself when tackling someone else

  • Football is safe

    Football is now safe than it has ever been playing football can lead to so many benifits like 1 getting you really healthy and 2 is that it increases your popularity/making new friends and thats why i think football is safer than it has ever been in history OKAY PEOPLE

  • That's All the Fun!

    Of course football is dangerous, but its only dangerous when players break the rules. Helmet to helmet contact can result in a big fine by the NFL. Helmet malfunctions are on the players: it is extremely important that their helmets and pads fit snug and aren't loose. Football is generally player on grass or turf. If you've ever felt new turf, you know its as comfortable as a bed. Tackling generally doesn't hurt unless its a spear or you were hit in the knees, which can also result in fines if intentional. Is it dangerous? Yeah, it definitely can be, but what's fun without a little risk once and a while?

  • Football is not dangerous

    The player who is playing the game can decide whether or not to get hurt on field or to back out. Some students decide to go out and get hurt, other decide to go out on the field and be safe. For instance i for for one try to be safe so i do not get hurt and suffer unlike other students and im 11 years old.

  • No, Football is bad

    Football can give you suicidal thoughts, ideas and it may give you mental issues.Some people think that High School football is just as safe as band, glee club, or choir. A parent of a High School football player is no more worried for his 16 year old son driving than his son playing football. I challenge this man, the Journal Neurology reported that football players are three to four times more likely than the rest of us to die from brain diseases. CTE is one brain disease that was recently discovered by Dr. Bennet Omalu. CTE is short for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Some of CTE’s victims include professional football players such as Forrest Blue, Cookie Gilchrist, Junior Seau, Mike Webster and Ralph Wenzel. I think football is affecting too many people and something has to be done about it. People have to know what can happen to them if they play football, brain trauma and death!

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  • The sport is just fun for the kids to play.

    It is safe if you have all of your equipment fits. They can just were Helmet; mouth guard; shoulder pads; chest /rib pads; forearm, elbow, and thigh pads; proper shoes. Also It is safe if you use the right tackling technique. And Rule have become more strict for the safety.

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