• Life for sure

    From my personal perspective, this game even has higher quality than the game began this survival games trending (PUBG ofc). Addictive graphic, creative gameplay and doesn't cost you anything to play. The only reason makes Fortnite falling behind PUBG is the lack of advertising and a well-organized staff. Xdxd xd

  • Fortnite is life

    Fortnite is life because it is free and it is fun. It may be fun but u can interact with freinds also the only odd side about this game is uyou have to have xbox live to play on it for xbox one if you play pc you just need internet. I play with my 10 tear old little brother.

  • I liek pubg

    Pewdiepie played pubg so that makes it better markiplier and jacksepticeye also played pubg and is still gud. Fortnite isnt even a real word they spelled night wrong player unknowns battlegrounds is a better name becuz those r all real words unlike fortnight which isnt a real word it is also gay

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