• I think so.

    People are starting to realize that Fox News is completely full of crap, so yes it's hurting the Republican Party now that people are wising up to their shenanigans. This is causing a huge backlash against the Republicans. I contribute that to alternative sources within the internet. People are figuring it out!

  • News in general is hurting the Republican Party!

    I think that all of the news is brainwash, and fox news is no worse than any of the other news stations. No better, either! I don't watch the news because they leave out the important things, and spend hours talking about the importance of gun control! When I think of news, I think of events. I'd like to watch event reporting, not this bull.

  • News in general is hurting the republican party!

    I really believe that all news is biased somehow. The republican party has even been influenced by the news as well. I can't trust republican politicians either! Sometimes I think the government/Hollywood are feeding lies into the media constantly. I try not to watch the news that much because it's depressing and a lot of it is propaganda. Let's not brainwash America! That's why I'm a libertarian.

  • Fox appeals to ignorant people.

    The Republican Party cares ONLY about making the rich richer, but it needs the votes of the 99%, too. The GOP can only appeal to the 99% by lying to them, and FOX is the GOP's megaphone for lies cooked up in conservative think-tanks. These lies depend on an ignorant audience that can be drawn in by emotional appeals, racism and sexism, holier-than-though religiosity and patriotism, and anti-intellectualism. Ignorance is a virtue in Fox-land.

  • Fox news is Quite helpful

    On the other side of the argument one said yes because evidently all news stations are brainwashing well, that's a different argument and oh by the way without fox news to counter balance a lot of the biased BS coming from the liberal media then their would be a larger problem when it comes to brainwashing. As for the other comment that Fox news is biased well guess what genius everything is somewhat biased, and you heard that it was biased from a biased source. So yes everything is biased big deal, Its good fox is able to stand head to head with the other top medias and present somewhat of a politically conservative view into the voters eyes so that they can better determine where to stand.

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