• News vs opinion

    The people on the left attack the shows that are opinion shows on fox. They are never able to point to political views shown in the news stories. The suppression of reports that hurt the obama administration before the elections by cbs cnn. Fox news proved that they had not pressures her to write a false story. If people read the briefs that were prepared instead of relying on frauds that distorted the truth you would know it. Read the briefs of Jane Akier v fox news wtvt. If you read the facts, not the headlines then you would know what went on

  • News never reported

    Since Fox breaks many stories and has to uncover and develop each story ( Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA, VA, IRS,...) is is hard to be 100% accurate day one. If you held other news outlets to the same standard you would have to ding them for all the stories they knew of and did not report. Fox also has almost an even split between liberal and conservative commentators and they present both sides consistantly, so which side is not accurate?

  • Oh come on now -

    Coverage of Obamacares little miscreant Gruber. The stupidity of the American voter!!!! I would love to say I rest my case but I need 26 more words. Funny how FOX covered it extensively yet others wouldn't touch it til they were called out for their bias. Just remember no news source is completely unbiased. Which is why your information should come from multiple sources and a good wallup of common sense.

  • Of course it is!

    It's been said that there are "lies, damn lies, and statistics." This survey, like the Liberals who love to beat up on Fox, is dubious at best. The fact that I am the ONLY person on this side of the page tells you everything that you need to know. That being said, there is a lot of the pot calling the kettle black on the opposite side of the page. As the LONE right-leaning voice on television, Fox presents the only dissenting opinion. When the Liberals of ALL the other networks gloss over or ignore stories that make the current administration look bad, one must ask who exactly is conducting the so-called "studies" that claim such overwhelming inaccuracies. Additionally, one must wonder why Fox is doing so much better than the other networks. I submit that the truth is that Fox more closely matches the thoughts of Americans while the other networks merely match whatever makes the current administration and Liberals look good.

  • Studies say no.

    Numerous studies have shown that FOX News viewers are the more misinformed than MSNBC viewers. In fact, studies show that FOX News viewers are more misinformed than numerous other news outlets including CNN and NPR among others. In one study, it was found that people who consumed no news were actually more informed than FOX News viewers.

  • FOX has one goal and that is to divide the country

    FOX has one goal and that is to divide the country's liberals and conservatives. FOXnews isn't a news service it is a Conservative bloc corporation funded by Rubert Murdock to destroy liberal thinking. There have been numerous occassions where FOX has taken speeches by Obama and edited them to report. One of the most recent was the report on Obama's speech about Ferguson, MO where they stated that Obama was encouraging the militants to protest. The left out almost 1 minute and 3 paragraphs in which Obama stated that it is "... NEVER JUSTIFIED TO ATTACK POLICE" OFFICERS."

  • Fox is not journalism, it is entertainment.

    Fox won a lawsuit in Florida Appellate Court allowing them to specifically broadcast inaccurate information as entertainment and free speech rather than journalism. Since it is their legal view that the be allowed to report inaccurate news, I suspect that they would then intentionally do so. What other reason would exist for such a lawsuit?

  • Fox News only reports news favorable to the conservative viewership

    Fox owners make it clear they only use conservative reporters.
    They only use stooge "beat up dummies" for representing liberal views.
    Every time I fact check a Fox story I find most are simply made up or half truths.
    I subscribe to a you tube channel called 'Liberal Viewer Presents' and he takes apart news story after news story week after week and lays down the proof of their brand of what they call news.

  • Fox News relies on deception and political lies to helps sway the Right wing away from fact checking the truth

    At present time The Affordable Health care Law is constantly berated without facts and does not report the successes. Anything anti Obama whether true or not is their target. Especially noticeable is their Fox and Friends segments along with Hannity always playing loose with the facts with distortions and lies.

  • Pretty much every study shows not.

    Fox News is shown by almost every independent study to be wildly inaccurate and many times to outright lie. They are consistently called out on Snopes and Politifact- the latter of which has given Fox more "Pants on Fire" ratings than any other news outlet.
    Their viewers are shown to be more poorly informed than even viewers of comedy shows like "The Daily Show" and those who watch no news at all- a bad sign. How accurate can your reporting be if your viewers have no knowledge of the actual happenings?

  • Incredibly unbalanced and opinionated

    I get that MSNBC tends to be left-leaning, but they save their opinions for the opinion shows. Fox News anchors and reporters regularly sneak their opinions into what it is they're saying, and there's a laundry list of misreported facts. You can find them on the Internet. Especially that segment on Anonymous that they did, totally incorrect. Often, they use the phrase "some people" "many think" to insert their opinions in.

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