• There always on the WHITE SIDE, never on the RIGHT SIDE.

    The air we breath has no color, so why do white people think they are so much better than others?
    They talk about blacks being violent, they are the authors of violence, whipping and hanging blacks as they did in the slave days, Fox News are still following that ritual, they support white racist officers killing young black kids. Think about it, Fox News has taken sides with whites every time, it never the white mans fault, and if that black man was not on tape getting killed, they would have still reported a lie because of the 1% who pay their Salaries. I hope all their kids and grandkids marry someone black.

  • Race Baiting, maybe not racist.

    Im independent and watch all different news outlets for entertainment, not news always. Fox sticks out in mind since 2009 where it shifted its news cycle to first question the presidents Religion, birth, his blackness...Which they did subtly and obviously. After being elected to 2nd term the way they have shifted it to him being a communist, anti-constitutionalist, a dictator, a czar or a Islamic loyalist. And now he's being called a race baiter. Not only is Fox race baiters, they mis inform and dumbify their audience. IT treats its audience like uneducated fools that will believe any headline they put in front of them. But if you notice on the weekends they soften up their tone. Its just annoying to see a modern day network do this. They have no reputable reports, they made Benghazi out to be this administration's fault thought if people remember history or actually read something they would realize the embasy was CIA office since the late 80's. So they basically ousted the CIA and America's security when they let out all the info about our undercover operations in Benghazi . Birth certificate birth certificate. I wonder if the president was white whether they'd ask for his birth certificate. Don't people know the elections commissions of this country with both parties represented have to approve citizenship before accepting someones nomination. This rumor was spread from the far extreme right to deflect the fact that McCain was born at US base in Panama.

  • Fox News is racialy biased

    I'm a 48 year old black male I listen to a lot of news and my share of fox they always de end defend the perpetrators of violent crimes toward blacks from travon Martin ,Tamir price,eric garner and listening to Fox News for every black person I know finds it offensive and and I'm constantly ridiculed for watching and ever sence Obama became president they have gotten worst . So go tell on the mountains fox new is a racist news agency

  • Yes but no

    It is not a big secret that fox news caters more towards the republican than democrats. It doesn't make them racist. In fact they bashed republicans in the past also. They can't come out and say they are racist (due to fines and endorsement loss) But they can not say anything positive about minorities, women, religous groups. Its Not what a great number of people want to hear about. They will even hire minorities to ease speculation of racism. They know that a lot of people are angry with their lives and need someone to blame. Can't blame yourself so look for a scapegoat. Plenty of these people are racist( if they know it or not) and this is how they can get some satisfaction without looking like racist to the public

  • Freedom of speech is not free, when your word shape people views.

    Fox News is sexist and racist, but it does not matter because the women that work there want their jobs more than they want their dignity (can't wear pants) . And as long as Fox News has its viewers support, it will never change its racist views. If you need me to provide examples of their racist statements then I'm just wasting my time.

  • No Duh! It's Fox

    Fox takes people of all colors and puts them on the show just to say "hey we are fair and balanced" (as long as they agree with everything I have to say or I'll cut them off). Bill O'Reilly literally told a African American PhD grad that he looked like a coke dealer, each show on Fox assumes every immigrant is illegal, every Muslim wants to destroy America, justifies everything that Bush has done and says we won't tolerate anyone disrespecting a president during a time of war unless of course it is Obama.

    Fox speaks to the most illiterate group of people ( 68-70 year old southern Caucasians) who want to live in the 1950's and believe that the Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, anything not Anglo-Saxon (white) is a threat to America and should be exterminated or sent back from where they came from.

  • Yes, look at the Kelly file

    They are racist. If not overtly then in a sneaky way. 1 of the anchors Hannity blasted his middle eastern guest on the show and people thought he was an angry racist punk for doing so. He constantly interrupted him and got inquisitorial on him. The kelly file and ms. Kelly made the universally dumb statement that santa IS white, trying to divide our country and forget its multi-cultural heterogenous strength. The whole tone and attitude of fox news is angry. Let's face it who are angry people? Racists and Xenophobes (foreignor haters). Doesn't anyone sense that clearly? It's so obvious.

  • They Hate The lower Class Minority Group

    Let me tell you this, who runs fox news? REPUBLICANS, who does Fox news support? REPUBLICANS, now tell me who do Republicans support? The rich and wealthy. What ethnicity are the wealthy? White. Fox news has always been this way and are never gonna stop, its as if they feel its their responsibility to be ignorant bigots that trash on Muslims,Hispanics,and blacks.

  • Every Report they publish to the public is Racist in every way. Their agenda is to undermine people against Blacks and Hispanics. We

    How Fox News reported the recent slaying of black teens in in various states regardless of how impossible their one sided storylines are. They attack Minorities twenty four hours a day seven days a week non stop. Were is the reasoning for the constant Racial attacks from a National Station.

  • Racist Islamic Profiling

    FOX NEWS has a long history of hateful and unfair profiling of Islamic people in and outside of the United States. Despite the numerous cases of terrorism and depravity committed by people of other religions and places of origin, FOX NEWS repeatedly chooses to only cover those cases that support their notion that Muslims are a naturally violent and dangerous people.

  • Only the Ignorant Think Fox is Racist

    Fox is tough on Obama because he is lousy at his job, NOT because of his skin color or his character. He's played more golf than any president in US history, ran up historic debt, and presided over the worst economic recovery since WWII. He also found more interest in filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket than doing his actual job during the Ukraine crisis. Just because Fox is the only news outlet doing their jobs as journalists and being tough on the man with the MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD does NOT mean they're racist.

    There is diversity amongst commentators on the network, whether ignorant folks care to acknowledge it or not. Juan Williams is a liberal African American who frequently contributes on the daily programming, and Dr. Benjamin Carson is an African American and former neurosurgeon who often serves as a consultant/contributor.

    For some reason though, when African American CONSERVATIVES are mocked and ridiculed by the mainstream media, nobody says a word. However, when an African American LIBERAL is criticized by Fox News in a non-racial manner (like judging President Obama on his poor performance), the press has a field day and absolutely condemns Fox for being "horribly inhumane racists". Always trying to make things about race, and there's a double standard that's completely ignored by the mainstream media.

    In short, Fox is simply doing their jobs as journalists in a time when nobody else seems to be doing so. As a conservative station, they feature both African American and Caucasian liberals and give them an opportunity to share their perspectives and political viewpoints.

  • Fox News is not racist

    Fox News can sometimes be an easy target of being called racist, but are they really racist?

    Take into account the Phil Robertson ordeal for instance. Phil had some borderline ridiculous statements, however, NOTHING he said was in any way hateful. What he said about homosexuality was straight from the bible. Phil also said that while he was growing up in Louisiana, he never saw the mistreatment of any blacks. He said they were always cheerful and singing something. This, as ridiculous as it sounds, is in NO WAY racist or hateful. He even said he loves everyone regardless of race or sexual orientation. Fox News supported Phil for what he said because we live in America, and we still have freedom of speech (knock on wood). I'm sure if any of it was actually racist or hateful Fox would not be supporting it and instead would condemn the statements as any other decent human would do.

  • Americans don't know real racism

    Americans think that everything is racist. The reason for this is because true, deep-seeded racism is incredibly rare in the United States. Anyone who has lived in another country outside of United States and Canada can attest to this fact. If you've lived in Europe, you've seen a type of racism that is on an entirely different level than anything that exists in America.
    However, Americans have romanticized the idea of being a crusader against the evils of racism, so they have to create racism where it does not exist. The biggest problem with this is that by fixating so intensely on issues of race in this country, Americans are actually starting to revert back to a more racist time that had already been defeated 15-20 years ago.

  • Not exactly

    Fox News can't be called bluntly racist but they do seem to toe the line quite a bit. From time to time, Fox News has seemed borderline racist, though they have not yet said anything that could be labeled as outright racism. The thing about Fox is that they will support people who have made comments that could be called racist, which in turn makes them seem to be a racist network.

  • NO

    They're scarily conservative and like to appeal to the far right wing of the Republican party, but I don't know that I could call them outright racist.

    As much as everybody wants to go on and on about Fox News being racist, I would say that it's just a bunch of screaming about something that they don't understand.

    The folks at Fox News don't hate black people or Latinos or any minority group really. What they actually hate is poor people; they don't care what color you are.

  • Where is the evidence?

    I like coming here once in a while to see how arguments stack up, like 'cats are liquid'. My all-time favorite. In this case I don't find this to be a debate but a rant session with the dominant energy going to the 'yes' column. That probably says more about the demographics of this site than whether FNC is racist.

    The question is more of a poll than a debate with the opportunity to share on the subject. Reading the Yes column I see a lot of hatred and ignorance with regards to political ideologies. For instance, the coment: "...Far right ideology leads to (Fascism, Naziism)," couldn't be more wrong. Ironically calling others ignorant...

    Is FNC racist? The question seems to inquire of the organizational culture rather than the entity itself and it would require some evidence of a pattern of racism to deem the organizational culture as racist. I can find thousands of accusations but no real evidence to support them. The Yes column is filled with assertions that 'everything they say' is racist but no real examples or evidence.

    Hiring Mark Fuhrman isn't proof of racism, it's merely an unsubstantiated accusation of racism by Mark Fuhrman and an assumption of guilt by association.

    The NO column doesn't have to do anything since it's impossible to prove a negative anyway.

  • Fox News Is TRUTH

    The truth hurts and I know that, sorry if fox news states FACTS I will never understand the liberal mindset of facts and statistics being racist, its saul alinsky all the way.

    People in America these days have no Idea of what racism is NO IDEA.
    There isn't a single segregated bathroom, no segregated businesses
    no segregated schools, O wait I can think of a few SPECIFICALLY BLACK schools If that isn't racist I don't know what is the tables have turned and you all are just too blind and dumbfounded to see it....

    NAACP, BET, BCR you show me one specifically white group,network,or college reunion please I recently looked up college scholarships,there were more minority scholarships than any other, why is this right? My family only made their way here from europe 50 years ago right after wwII I've had no special "white privilege" nor hand outs or hand ups.
    Why am I not eligible for these scholarships? Because i'm white, that's racism .

  • Freedom of speech

    Okay, so supporting George Zimmerman is "reverse racism?" I guess bringing in black commentators is called racism now. Oh and calling Asians " more industrious and hard working" is racist now. (i'm half Asian, by the way.) blaming on Obama because he racked up the national debt 7 trillion dollars in 6 years is not racist. Taking the side of trayvon martin just because he is black or voting for Obama just because he is black is racist.

  • How can a an entity have a racial bias?

    My issue might be with how the question is posed but I think it's a ridiculous notion to think that a monolithic organization can be racist. Unless the point of the organization itself is to limit the rights of minorities or hurt them in some way (the KKK for instance) then you cannot call it racist. There might be elements within Fox News that are racist but the same can be said for any news organization. Unless you equate conservatism with racism (and some do) you cannot say Fox News is racist.

    Posted by: pdrm

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