• Absolutely, and I'll tell you why

    They have a criminal from the UK as their CEO, they report 100% lies (and when I say that, I mean so bad that they'll even lie about the political affiliation of someone in a scandal to make Democrats look bad), they are 100% bias, they are completely inaccurate (Remember the whole "Romney will win by a landslide!" attitude they had in the last election?), and they don't even tell the truth that they're bias, they try to make themselves seem "Fair & Balanced" which is by far their biggest lie.

    At least MSNBC admits they are bias. Look at Rachel Maddow, she'll flat out tell you shes a lesbian liberal. MSNBC may be very bias, but they don't report lies like Fox does. Then look at CNN, they are neutral(-ish) and again, don't report lies every second of the day. Heck, look at the ONION, I bet even *they* tell more truth. In fact, I recall hearing about them ending the Onion because they claimed Fox News was already a parody news station.

  • Yes it is. Duh.

    Think of just about every large news story about death in recent times. They over-exxagerated them all by up to dozens of deaths. The only argument against this is that other news networks like msnbc are biassed, but if I'm not mistaken fox news is extremely right wing. Don't you agree?

  • Now liberal TV is terrible.

    Fox news, however is a whole new level. The racist, false, idiotic crap that features on it is sometimes unbelievable. Now as I have already said: liberal TV is bad. However FOX news claims to be:
    'Fair And Balanced'
    It is quite the opposite.
    Islamophobic, racist, homophobic, dogmatist and terrified of anything they don't quite understand FOX is a bad source for news. They seem only to invite guests of the same breed as them and constantly are forced to apologise for getting facts wrong.
    They have had more controversies than any other channel and spurt more far more propaganda than MSNBC.
    Most of the hosts are incompetent and incredibly stupid. I am a moderate and do not hate conservatives (well really I find it difficult to hate anyone as I am unfortunate enough to understand or pity people who, sometimes, I really want to hate.-Not that I want to hate conservatives.-) however the FOX news pundits really are sometimes beyond belief.

  • They hate anybody that disagrees with them

    All Sean Hannity wants to do is talk trash about CNN, MSNBC and ABC news calling them biased, like he isn't extremely biased. FOX news really is just a nasty place to get news and they will defend anything Donald Trump or basically and conservative does, but not the ones that don't agree with them. I cringe when I watch it and they simple just state their own opinions and try to make anyone on the other side look stupid(Watter's World). They suck. The end.

  • Never tell the truth of the story .

    All they do is bash president trump. You never hear the good that is being done.Like 5 of the last six presidents including Barack stop the illegals from entering our country.We don't mention that you throw it out there like its first time.I blame the media for keeping the people in a frenzy.This is the president that the American people voted in simple because we were tired of all the liberal garbage.My question is who is the basket of deplorables now. If these people don't have the proper identification to be in our great America then they need to leave.We are an America of hard working people and people of strong faith.We are not an America of sit at home draw government aid.I say pick up the work boots and get to work changing America.We need to stop all the handouts to people not willing to help themselves.

  • I really tried to give Fox News another chance

    Reports seem to be leaning towards one sided ideas and selfish opinions. Fox doesn't share the news instead it provides their own personal views to gullible viewers. The old saying "don't believe everything you read" most definitely applies to watching this news station. I would fire most of the Fox News staff and start fresh with good, honest and unbiased reporters.

  • Worst anchors ever.

    Spew nothing but hate. Hannity continues to compare Hillary to Saudi Arabia because of a donation. Lou Dobbs can't understand why African Americans are tired of being slaughtered by white police officers. Megan Kelly thinks rich white guys shouldn't have to pay any taxes. The middle class can bear that burden . Just so we are clear .I am white.

  • Hideous propagandist excuse for a news source

    This right wing, aggressive, racist, intolerant, and interest-group endorsing pile of crap news source one of the many reasons the Republican party is falling into shambles. It feeds its information to nutty conservatives that only nutty conservatives want to hear, it blasts its mindless blaring into the willing, weak minded holes that are their inner ear drums

  • It's mostly irrelevant trash!

    90% of its news is garbage regarding social media roasts, celebrity drama, and almost everything unimportant about current events. For example, instead of talking about the recent news about the race for the white house, the California fires, recent murders, OR EVEN THE ORLANDO TERROR ATTACKS, they resume to speak about whatever shoes Katy Perry was wearing, or what pop music is trending now. Also i might add that the news hosts are there SIMPLY ENJOYING THEMSELVES by constantly making (quite unfunny) humor of the already irrelevant subject, and doing so much as to bring food and even ALCOHOL onto the show, indulging themselves while they could have been informing us about REAL NEWS!!! I swear, we could be getting nuked and they would continue to talk about what Kim Kardashian was wearing.

  • They are biased

    Fox news have educated people but deny the truth and instead leave unproven info. The guy on it is a worm and lies to our faces. An those who say no are stupid. People think cnn is bad because they are republican. "no way. The people who say no dont like cnn and those who are democrats dont like fox" you guys suck if you say no. Batman is out

  • Only to the Left.

    Fox news is an excellent source for conservatives. One good think about them is that they famously hold debates and actually give the left air time during conversations to speak, as opposed to left channels where the right is given little air time.

    Fox hold many debates where both sides get equal chance to defend themselves.

  • Not even close.

    I can understand some people's not liking Fox News. People of that ilk don't like to hear what they do not agree with. Was it Fox News that faked the Zimmerman tape to make it look like he said something that later turned out to be a fabrication? No, that was NBC... Who later apologized and fired who they claimed to be the guilty parties. Was it Fox News that said Zimmerman uttered racial slurs but then retracted their own statements? No again. This time it was CNN. And of course we could go on to faking the pictures to cover up the obvious wounds by ABC and so on.

    As far as outright skewed politics, MSNBC has no second. They report no news at all and pure liberal spin. Nothing wrong with that it that is all you want to hear. Even Fox with their more right leaning shows, allows both sides to come in and explain their issues. MSNBC simply tells you what you should think.

    There is a reason that Fox News leads all other news networks and in some times slots, all others combined. It is because people like watching it and it isn't the "opposition" watching just to see what is happening.

    If Fox News is the worst news source, why do they blow away the competition in ratings? The answer is simply, they are not the worst and are arguably the best. When you have a hard core liberal agenda on the other side, they hate that their main opposition is so successful. Envy drives their hatred, not news.

  • If you're a left winger..

    Far worse examples on other networks like MSNBC or notable examples like Dan Rather's embarrassing story that was exposed by bloggers or more recent examples like Anderson Cooper's hatchet job on Walid Shoebat. All the whining abut Fox News is almost certainly part of the left's crusade against the network and much of it is financed by George Soros.

  • All of them are horrible

    Pretty much every news source in America is completely hijacked by either the left or the right wing. All of them twist what the actual story is to make their side sound better. When I watch the news I just want it as it is, not the anchors opinion on it. That's what the news should be, just facts and all of the current stations aren't very good at giving them.

  • CNN is the most liberal bunch of garbage

    Constant fake news everyday and whinning !!!!!!! Hillary lost so please get over it we did with obama the absolute worst president we have ever let in the oval office.That is why hillary lost that and fake news saying donald trump would not win. So you liberals actually have someone to blame fake news.

  • CNN is the clear winner of biased, junk, superficial, empty reporting.

    I do not see any lies being told by Fox news, yet see lies and twists being reported by CNN on a daily basis. Even seen errors being owned up to by Fox, and they address it immediately, while CNN comes up with non-sequiturs over and over just about every single hour. Watch one hour of each, any hour, and compare your observation.

  • Is Fox the worst news Source ? No. CNN Is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FNC is honest and truthful. Fox news is fair and balanced and that is why all the corrupt left don't even go on fox. Wallace , O' Riley . Hannity would make them twitch . America does not trust CNN you were caught colluding with the Clinton campaign , your spread lies and speculation instead of fact and truth . American majority will never trust liberal left propaganda news CNN , NBC , MSNBC name a few. CNN needs to get rid of all there crazy left NWO reporters start telling fact and truth .

  • Fucking ignorant poll

    I hate the fucking internet you guys literally don't get life!
    Oh we should let illegal people come into our country because its not normal for them to come in legally i mean if we stopped letting them in illegally then we would be mean! Its not mean its called doing shit legally!

  • They are biased

    Fox news have educated people but deny the truth and instead leave unproven info. The guy on it is a worm and lies to our faces. An those who say no are stupid. People think cnn is bad because they are republican. "no way. The people who say no dont like cnn and those who are democrats dont like fox" you guys suck if you say no. Batman is out

  • If fox is bad

    Then MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and other liberal spewing outlets are total crap! You cannot claim the conservative bias on Fox and then say that the other channels have little or NO bias! And by the way, too many people seem to confuse Fox's slogan "Fair and balanced" . That slogan doesn't mean that Fox News alone is fair and balanced, but rather that is the channel that balances out the total liberal bias within today's mainstream media! Without Fox, the lone wolf voice for conservatives everywhere, news WOULDNT be Fair and Balanced!

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