• Fracking is unproven, untested and driven by corporate greed.

    It is not just the horrendous issues with removing waste left after the shockingly invasive frack process. It is the neighborhoods destroyed by noise pollution, water pollution, trucks destroying roadways and the impact to watersheds. Here in Pennsylvania, we are currently fighting the PENNEAST Pipeline, threatening to move the fracked gas via a pipeline along/inder the Delaware River! NEVER.

  • What The Frack?

    Dangerous chemicals are being used, yet they are not being made public. If they were safe, common sense tells me that it wouldn't be a problem making the chemicals public. Wherever there is a dollar to be made safety always comes in second, or third. Let's stop kidding ourselves, and don't wait until lives are put in hazardous situations, and even lost.

  • Drilling for petroleum is dangerous

    No matter the technique used, extracting petroleum from the ground has proven to have a chance of contamination to the surrounding ecosystem. More than just polluting wells, fracking has the potential to cause sinkholes within the Earth. Don't be surprised in a few decades when a fracked town drops several inches, or feet, overnight.

  • Say FRACK NO!

    Fracking is harmful to our environment, including us, humans. At what point will we open our eyes and realize that we are constantly causing this beautiful planet pain. We have lost ourselves, our morals, and our logic. Everything ultimately comes down to power and money, not equality and peace. If we lived with in our mean, there wouldn't be this desire for more, more, more. We would be sustainable without having to extract gas resources, which in the long run, will cause harm.

  • Everything is dangerous about fracking

    From the use of millions of gallons of fresh water needed in fracking to fresh water contamination that humans and animals drink in order to live. The high incidence of earthquakes. Earthquakes can also weaken structures and potentially trigger larger ones. California is most susceptible and has daily earthquakes already and fracking should be completely banned there. Water is also scarce in California with by-yearly droughts as well.

  • Fracturing for oil will pollute the groundwater, which in the long run is more valuable than the oil itself.

    When the hydrolic fluid is pumped through the cracks in the ground, it displaces the oil, but some of that fluid will always manage to escape somehow, and will float around until it gets suspended in something, that thing is groundwater. Once the fluid is in the water it is near impossible to get out, and when consumed will kill animals and people alike. In the long run, the water itself is more valuable than oil, because we can not live without it, there are other ways to capture energy that wont kill anybody, but water is our foundation, without that there could be no life on earth to even use the oil.

  • Yes. It is not sustainable.

    Despite that the corporations who pursue this kind of energy claim, the processes involved in fracking are not well tested over time. There is definite danger of contaminating the groundwater and negatively impacting the ecosystem just to gain a relatively small and short term resource. Just like drilling for oil on the ocean floor, this is a bad idea.

  • Yes

    Yes I do think fracking is dangerous. I think there are many examples of just how dangerous it can be, as evidenced by the documentary that was made about it a few years ago. When you are drilling deep into the earth like you do in fracking, you are disturbing the plates and this will causes earthquakes. It also releases toxins in the water supply. It is just a bad thing.

  • Yes, fracking is dangerous. The worse thing about fracking is that energy companies are showing little concern for those people and families who are clearly being affected in a negative way.

    The same energy companies that conduct fracking and are poisoning the water supplies of the residents who live above the ground where fracking occurs are also offering jobs in the fracking industry to the residents that are having to deal with all the adverse effects that are created from fracking. This situation puts these people in a moral dilemma that is just as dangerous as drinking contaminated water produced from fracking or having their home blow up due to the built up gases that escape in the fracking process. A paycheck is needed regardless of how the economy is doing, that fact still remains that you can’t spend your paycheck if your dead or in a hospital bed due to the consequence of living in an area that is being exposed to the dangers of fracking.

  • Even the Sierra Club says that fracking can be safe as long as the authorities having jurisdiction impose stringent regulations on how it is done.

    The most serious danger, groundwater pollution, can be mitigated by requiring double sheathed wells and significant separation between aquifers and the shale formation. Fracking has been done in Canada for over thirty ears with no serious environmental impact reported. People should watch the "documentary" Gasland only if they also watch the documentary Fracknation.

  • Plenty of Studies About Safety and Regulation

    As someone who is working in this field, you might believe I am biased toward believing that fracking is a good thing. However, until I did my own in-depth study, I also believed it was a dangerous process. If you take enough time to truly look into what goes into the process and what comes out of it, you will see that it really isn't as bad as some people believe. Drilling companies take extreme precautions when drilling to make sure that their barriers are strong and will not allow substantial chemical leaks. This chemical water is also safely transported and treated. The effects on the land are not as dangerous as people believe. There is a risk to everything, but fracking is a process that is being advanced every single day, and it is much more beneficial to our world than it is detrimental. The yieldings of these wells will support our world as well as the economy for decades.

  • Not Dangerous at all

    The reason why the environmentalists are outraged is because the energy industry has found another way to get oil out of the ground. This in turn hurts their business and their chances of clean energy expanding. The AAPL has debunked almost all outrageous accusations about fracking (causing earthquakes or contaminating the water). All people need to do is research facts and credible opinions and not the opinions from those who will give you the answer you want to hear.

  • Fracking is not dangerous

    It has been in use since the 1940's with no ill effects to anyone. To say that fracking causes earthquakes is like saying that camel gas in Africa causes hurricanes in the Atlantic. But, what do I know, I have been in the electric industry for 44 years and have yet to convince anyone that solar and wind will not provide the energy we need. People grasp onto a foolish idea and bet their lives on it: "stop fracking before the Eastern seaboard slip into the ocean!" You can make a "documentary" about anything, does not prove it is true.

  • Not If Done Correctly

    No, fracking is not dangerous as long as it is monitored and done correctly. There are theories and rumors that fracking will cause chemicals used in the fracking process to back fill into the newly created fissures until they reach higher levels and eventually contaminate our ground water. There are also theories that fracking will allow gases to escape into the environment and pollute our air. Neither of these theories has been proven. Fracking should be safe to use as long as it is done by trained personnel and monitored.

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