• Yes, it is.

    France and French citizens have been hostile and violent towards the moors and Muslims that live in the country. They are being targeted because of thier hostility towards Muslims. Many Muslims are angry about thier treatment and the treatment of their fellow Muslims so they are retaliating by committing terrorist attacks.

  • Yes, France is a target for terrorism.

    What a hateful question to have to agree to but yes, It has clearly been demonstrated that France has become a number one terrorism target. The country's violent history with the Middle East coupled with the fact that it comes off anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant are two of the reasons why.

  • France is a target for terrorism

    France is a target for terrorist activity. The country has been the subject of major attacks, including the recent one in Nice. The country has an inclusive policy, which the radicals seek to capitalize on. The country has relatively easy borders to cross, particularly since there are no natural boundaries such as an ocean.

  • France is in a unique position.

    France has a significant immigrant population as a result of its colonization of Africa that only ended a few decades ago. These immigrants, who were once under French rule, haven't adopted the French culture. It's such a mess and although I don't think France itself is a target, the French need to figure out how to control this volatile situation.

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