• Yup.

    If you're in prison, you're safer but have a lot less freedom. Anyone want to voluntarily incarcerate themselves?

  • Danger is exaggerated to encourage submission

    Believe it or or we are being tricked into giving up our freedom. We are safer now than we have ever been but our preception is of a dangerous world; manufactured by those who would like to relieve us of our rights. Don't fall for it! It is all a ruse.

  • Freedom more consistently protects lives

    On the list of the military sound countries Russia is number 2 and China is number 3.
    We can obviously see that China is military sound but are they keeping their citizens safe? The answer to that is no. According to freedomhouse.Org China’s media was the most restrictive in the world in 2012. Litverse.Com shows us something else! China’s citizens, working people, are being tortured with electric batons, abuse, having parts of their bodies broken, and electrocution. Many other things, of unspeakable pain, are inflicted on people to keep National Security safe.
    My point is that if a country values military above freedoms, which freedom of press is part of, people get hurt. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I take this to mean that to give a freedom doesn’t guarantee safety.

  • Personal Freedom Guarantees Choice

    I think what makes free market economy countries unique and special is it gives both consumers and producers choice. I'm only a student studying economics so I'm not an expert, but please hear me out. In order to ensure complete group safety, scarcity of goods must be eliminated; this means that resources must be equally split among everyone. The pro-side; everyone get's food/clothing/shelter. The down-side: there is no personal freedom or choice. It is because the U.S. and other free market economies value personal freedom that great leaders in the economy like Bill Gates were able to create massive, positive effects on culture and society. Without personal freedom, neither Microsoft nor Apple may have never been started, and few people would probably be on debate.Org today.

  • Freedom is key

    Freedom is definitely more important than safety. America is founded on freedom. Yes safety is needed but giving up a lot of freedom for a little safety is not worth it. You can call the police and sometimes they won't show up for 20 minutes. Look at articles form Detroit, sometimes they don't even show up at all. Safety is something that is up to you. If you want to be truly safe, get your conceal and carry.

  • Depending on peacekeepers breeds oppression so KEEP THE GUNS, FOLKS!!!

    The truth is, we can NEVER be truly safe. For example, if we give up our rights to bear arms, we give up our rights to life. Plain spoken, criminals WILL ALWAYS GET THEIR HANDS ON GUNS, NO MATTER WHAT RESTRICTIONS!!! What will you do if a man breaks into your home with a gun, and you don't have one to defend against hims with? Let him kill your family??? Rely on police, who are notoriously LATE??? Since we can't be truly safe anywhere, it's best to at least try to defend ourselves and our neighbors and families. It may be brutal, but it's truly the only way to stop these criminals.

  • The right answer is somewhere in the middle.

    It errs toward freedom, however. Absolute security is unattainable. Absolute freedom is simply anarchy. Weighing two broad, abstract concepts against one another ultimately serves little purpose, though, as it is nothing but a false dichotomy of sorts. The real question to ask oneself is "what freedoms are worth giving up for increased security?"

  • What is the point in life without Freedoms

    If anyone has ever read 1984 in the no section I would be surprised. That book explains why freedom is of greater importance than security. It shows how the goverment can take power over it's citizens if people are watched every second of every day. Lets just say you live in an oppressive society that looks down upon marriages.And your dream was to always get married to your love one. Would you feel better getting prosocuted or would you feel better living free with some worry about the threats to your country.

  • Freedom is as important as security.

    We humans need freedom and security, security needs to be balanced with freedom because without freedom we would be living in fear of the government demanding us on what to do. It should be balance between security and freedom. As important freedom is to us Security is as important in our society.

  • Freedom and security are never traded in equal amounts

    For every imaginary freedom point you give up for security you really only ever gain a fraction of a "unit" of security. While there should be basic laws and regulations people should have the freedom to decide on what these laws and regulations are. Currently the basic laws and rights we should be granted by the constitution are being taken away.

  • These people on the Right have no idea what their talking about.

    If you think having all your freedoms you could ever want with limited security would be amazing, you should just stop talking and log off this site. Your gonna wake up with all your freedoms until some other country comes and takes you over. Now you have no freedom's and at the moment your enslaved or dead.

  • What is the point on having freedom if we will not be safe to have it?

    My reasoning are as fallows:
    1)Take away your pride and see that we are safe in the little net the government gives us
    2) Lose someone you care about and then tell me freedom is greater than security
    As H.L. Mencken once said “The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.”

  • Without security, everyone would be dead.

    If you get rid of security, there would be no laws around security. No laws means that people could go around the streets killing any one they wanted to and harming people. It would be anarchy. 100% freedom would still be limited because you can never be truly 'free'. There will always be obstacles in the way to stop complete freedom. Ergo, ben is gay

  • No

    Freedom is worthless if you wake up the slave of another country, or if you never wake up at all but die because you were foolish enough not to do what was needed to be done.

  • In today's society, security has become a very important issue that needs to be attended to, more so than freedom.

    After the serious events of 9/11, we, as a nation, need to realize that we are not immune to attacks on our people. The thousands of people that died in the terrorist attacks could have been avoided, with proper security. It is understandable that this idea should not be taken too far, but it is a priority. As a nation, we do not appear to be well-liked worldwide, even if we attempt to provide international assistance.

    Posted by: KingM0
  • Safety is needed more than freeddom

    Without safety there is no freedom. Freedom comes when people know they are safe. If they feel unsafe, they will not feel free. Would you go out into the world not knowing that atanytime you could be attacked or killed? Safety could detect these things and help us to defeat the fear we have as humans in this contemporary society!

  • Little Point in Freedom If You Are Dead

    I often here this brought up, but the problem is that security is basically designed to ensure that one can practice basic freedoms. If we have no security, then people can harm us when we practice our freedoms. A certain amount of security is necessary for freedom. As such, I consider security marginally more important than freedom, /especially/ since when this argument is brought up, it usually involves a small amount of freedom and a great deal of security. Obviously one must analyze the trade-off closely.

  • Security creates freedom

    Freedom was earned back when the United States of America was created. Therefore, we must keep what we have earned by organizing the nation and keeping its citizens safe. Security ensures a safe freedom that all can enjoy. Take the Middle East for instance. Riots and violence crowd the streets just because of the rights the people cannot obtain. If the Middle East took the time to secure policies and its people,then freedom would be achieved.

  • Freedom can only be maintained in an ordered society

    If we didn’t have set rules and regulations we would basically become an anarchist society. This would be a mess. No rulers to enforce laws and complete freedom equals absolute chaos. For example, if you are driving a car and there’s no rules just fun what could happen? The amount of accidents and deaths would be at an all time high. Insurance companies are therefore forced to raise their rates. Young people who shouldn’t even be sitting shotgun would be putting their lives and innocent people on the road at risk. Not to mention the drunk drivers. There are reasons why rules are set in place. They’re in direct correlation to citizens mistakes. That’s why intoxicated people receive a ticket to discourage their dangerous behavior.

  • Give me Liberty.

    A small amount of safety is not worth any amount of a loss of liberty. Remember German history from the 1930's. If you don't remember, read. The liberties and freedoms of the German people were taken small bits at a time in a way that they could agree with having more safety, until, they had neither.

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