• I hate my mom

    She made me watch the emoji movie, Boss Baby, despicable me 3 and Frozen. She also made me take out the trash aka myself how rude. She wont let me catch up on one piece I need at least 50 hours to myself to finish one piece I hate mum

  • Right to freedom

    Why are you not asking the question "Is freedom necessary for boys"? Both are equal . Freedom is necessary for girls. Because as india is a democratic country , all are equal before the law.Girls should do all the household works and you are asking that is freedom necessary for them. IT IS NECESSARY.

  • Freedom is very necessary

    I do not know who you are but a girl's freedom is just as important as a boy's freedom. What if for 50 years boys had to fight just to be able to vote? Ever heard of women's suffrage? We fought for 50 years just so we could vote and right now I am exercising that right to be able to vote on this topic.

  • Freedom for All

    I cannot begin to imagine an argument that supports the concept of freedom for members of one gender but would refuse freedom for another gender. Everyone should be free to pursue life liberty and their own personal happiness irrespective of his or her gender. Gender has nothing to do with whether someone deserves freedom.

  • Everybody should be free

    Girls deserve freedom as much as any other person. They are people and everyone has the right to be free. There are no more slaves and there never should have been. It is necessary for girls to be free because they need to experience the world and make their own decisions.

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