• Gareth Bale is overrated.

    In my opinion, Gareth Bale is overrated. He is idolized as a professional football player, and although he may be skilled, I think that the world places too much respect in the hands of whoever comes along that may be good at sports. His idolization takes focus off the actually important topics in the world that need to be paid attention to.

  • Yes, Gareth Bale is overrated.

    As humans we put way too much stock in our athletes. We value sports stars over anything and everything else no matter what other horrible sins these human beings have committed. So, yes, like all sports stars Gareth Bale is overrated as a human being. Off the field he is no better or worst than anyone else.

  • Gareth Bale is not overrated

    People who argue that “Gareth Bale is overrated” usually say the same thing, Gareth Bale is not worth the amount of money Real paid. To that, I say this.
    These people have misconstrued the word “Overrated,” believing that the word is the same thing as being “Over-valued.” The argument is not whether Bale is worth the €91 million. The argument is questioning Gareth’s skill and capabilities on the pitch. Bale is a world class player and has shown the ability to carry teams practically all by himself. He did it back in Tottenham and you can argue that he’s doing it with Wales. Sure you can’t counter that with the obvious fact that Gareth is injury prone, but that doesn’t disprove that Gareth is one of the best in the world on the pitch. If the question was “Is Gareth Bale over-valued,” my answer would probably be different. Gareth is my favorite player, so, trying to be as unbiased as possible, comparatively, he should not have costed that much in the transfer market. The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Man. United to Madrid costed less than Bale’s transfer to Madrid is probably enough to prove that Bale isn’t worth €91 million. However, two things has to be clear, there is a difference between overrated and over-valued. And that Bale is one of the best in the world

  • No, Gareth Bale is not overrated

    No, Gareth Bale is not overrated. He is a quality player who has contributed a great deal to his team. Furthermore, he is one of the best players in soccer today. The Real Madrid soccer star deserves to be a star based on the quality of his play so his is not overrated.

  • No, Gareth Bale is not overrated.

    No, Gareth Bale is not overrated. However, he is not underrated, either. Bale is a great player with a lot of amazing skills. People who claim he is incredible are simply telling what they think, and opinions should not be put down. These people say what they think is the truth, so Bale is not overrated.

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