• Gary Johnson would be a strong opponent...But,

    The existing two party system in its current form will never let a third party enter the fray. Gary Johnson has a compelling personal story and represents a political philosophy that provides a consistent foundation for addressing issues of the day. Unfortunately, the corrupt system that the American people allow to persist will never allow the two men on the debate stage together. So, I guess my answer is "Yes" and "No"!

  • Gary Johnson is a much stronger candidate than Donald Trump

    Johnson has a fiscally conservative record which will appeal to the Republican base. He is also trustworthy and his views have been very consistent over time, while still willing to change his mind on important issues when new evidence is discovered. He will give voters another choice for those looking for a conservative, or those looking for someone with reliability/stability.

  • Yes, Gary Johnson is a strong opponent for Donald Trump.

    Gary Johnson is a strong opponent for Donald Trump. Many conservatives and libertarian-leaning Republicans are upset with Trump. Johnson will likely appeal to many of these dissatisfied voters. This will create stiff competition for votes with Trump. Also, Johnson will likely gain support from unhappy Democrats as well. Therefore, Gary Johnson will likely be a strong opponent for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

  • Gary Johnson will be a strong Trump foe

    Gary Johnson will prove to be a strong opponent for Donald Trump. Johnson is running as a Libertarian, and will appeal to traditional conservative Republicans. This group does not feel like Trump represents their political views and values based on previous statements. Conservatives have been running an anti-Trump campaign and will likely turn to Johnson as the likely alternative.

  • He's a better choice, but not a realistic opponent in this election.

    The Libertarian Party, with its nominee Gary Johnson, will be on the ballot in every state for the first time in history. This is huge, but it's not quite enough to be a serious contender this time around. Gary Johnson is a much better choice than Donald Trump, but unless something big happens in the next couple of months, he doesn't quite have enough support to be able to qualify for debating on the main stage this fall (you have to poll at least 15% in 5 recent major polls). The Libertarian Party candidate may be a strong opponent in the next election cycle, but the odds are stacked against Gary Johnson for 2016.

  • No, Gary johnson is not a strong opponent for Donald Trump.

    Gary Johnson does not have the name recognition or political presence to stand up to Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Mr. Johnson has not had large-scale events that draw attention of crowds. Furthermore, many Americans have come to realize that any vote for a candidate besides Hillary Clinton is essentially showing support for Trump, as this has been an incredibly polarizing election.

  • This is not the answer.

    While I do not trust or support Donald Trump, the Gary Johnson candidacy has simply the indirect result of causing Republicans to vote for Clinton. People need to face the fact that either Clinton or Trump will be the next president. It is ridiculous to think when choosing between the two, the resulting conclusion is Gary Johnson. The battle to keep either Clinton or Trump from being elected has been fought already, and has lost. Choose the candidate you prefer between those who can conceivably win.

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