Is gay male prostitution or pornography sexist and misogynistic?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Well, honestly, it depends on what's depicted.

    If someone's getting raped or beat-up, and he belongs to a different race or he's clearly more feminine than the abuser, I would say there is something problematic with the scene, especially if it's done to communicate that abuse is somehow attractive. Psychologists say that men rape women because having power over someone excites them. I think this truth can be extended to certain forms of pornography, even if it exclusively involves gay men or gay women.

  • Clearly it is not

    Without any women involved then it couldn't possibly be sexist or misogynistic. Yet people often say without making specifications that pornography or prostitution are sexist, misogynistic, or "Degrading to women" as if to say that it would be in any and all cases including cases where women are not even involved.

  • A guy need to survive whatever lengths he has to go he just has to go

    In many parts of the world prostitution is the only source of income. A guy due to his financial needs and being of poverty this is the only alternative that can generate funds and pleasure at the same time, An article on our local news paper highlited a young man live the life greater than myself and many others doing eight to four jobs. He only works two hours and is paid rewardingly for his services. Another incident on the news paper also enlightened how young men choose this profession since it is a honest way of living and is now of prestigious status. I aplu those men who so bravely risk their life earning an income to maintain themselves and facing their responsibility.

  • No, and the same holds for females.

    To be a prostitute or act in porn movies is a choice that a person makes. Sex trafficking before anyone mentions that is not prostitution that is akin to slavery. So why would it be misogynistic or sexist, when a person is selecting the career for themselves. All more power to those people that are comfortable doing what others are not comfortable with, yet provide a service/product that multiple people want.

  • Questionable for female, definitely not for male (in theory)

    Definitely not. For women it is questionable, but for men not so much. Of course, in practice both male and female prostitutes often suffer, which is inexcusable. I do not see, however, how male pornography or prostitution is demonstrative of systematic sexism. However, I would be quite open-minded to opposing viewpoints, being far from an expert on this topic.

    Posted by: kbub

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