• There's nothing wrong with same sex marriage how dare you judge someone because They live differently

    WHy are people making a big deal about this. We shouldn't judge over a couples happiness. You people think you can use a book that came out in 1600 to ruin someone who doesn't live by your way. Maybe you should get a calendar cause it's not 1600 anymore. And who cares if they make a kid I mean there are a lot children who don't have home with no one to love them. I mean they can adopt And they can teach them yo how to love everyone instead of hating everyone like a bible humping judging homophobe

  • Basically, it works better.

    I'd like to say that all marriage is wrong because you don't need a damn certificate telling the government who you love, as if it were their business. But to stay on topic, gays would logically handle many aspects of marriage better.

    1- the world is over populated with orphans: they can chose to bring children into their homes instead of feeling forced responsibility for accidents. Straight couples will usually selfishly want their very own offspring.

    2- LGBT supporters, not just gays; fight for gay rights. Gays should naturally appreciate the act of marriage more than any straight couples, who would eventually take the married status for granted. Straight marriage seems to often end up in meaningless bickering. Gays would certainly handle it better. But I have friends whose straight parents have better relationships unmarried. When married, there's metaphorical strings attached that are almost literally able to strangle you when a relationship goes bad, leading to needing to cut them (divorce) and when you're not chained to your partner, the romance flows carefree.

    3- straight people are pressured into marriage.If you're not married by your mid thirties, you'll be pressured into it and marry whoever you're dating then. That's what happened to my catholic parents. They have nothing in common and didn't take the time to realize that because all their siblings and friends married long ago.

    4- marriage basically just sucks for straight people based on my previous arguments. My arguments may contradict each other but make sense separately.
    But again, the concept of marriage is idiotic and for straight people; it's just plain troublesome.

  • Men get along better with men not women

    In the history of mankind man and women who marry each other have always ended up fighting but in my opinion men who marry men have a least likely chance of fighting and also men know how to pleasure men sexually other then women.Also they would not argue about stupid stuff like which movie to see or where to go.

  • Men get along better with men and women get along better so would be so wrong for gay marriage to the dominant stance on marriage

    Men and women have always argued in marriage and thanks them being different in gender they cant always resolve them and be rational because while I fully support gender equality and all that I also recognize that we are very different exclusively because were different genders most of the time.

  • Gay marriage is not better

    This topic is so fucking stupid. There is no better marriage, they are all EQUAL. That's why gay marriage became a thing, so gays , straights etc can be EQUAL - anyone who just thinks yes is a complete and utterly against straight people. Period. This is just shitting on any equal rights

  • Of course not

    Marriage is actually designed to be between a man and a women for the purpose of having children. If the couple are not able to have children because they are the same sex how is this better.

    I am not saying there is anything wrong with Gay marriage but it can't exactly be better of it does not fulfill its purpose.

  • I thought that we were fighting for marriage equality

    If you marry somebody, you should be marrying them for love. You can not possibly know that the love a man feels for a man is stronger than the love a man feels for a woman. I believe that saying that gay marriage is 'better' than straight marriage is just as horrible as saying that straight marriage is 'better' than gay marriage. Sure, gay marriage is a better option for gay people, but straight marriage is the better option for straight people. Love is love, all types of marriages are equal.

  • It is equal.

    What the LGBT community is fighting for is EQUAL rights- they are not trying to say their relationships are better than heterosexual relationships.
    The relationship that is "better" is the one with a partner that you are attracted to, that you can live with for a few decades, the one that you can share a life with. Gender is irrelevant.

  • No. That's stupid.

    No marriage is better than another marriage. You should judge a marriage not by it's grouping, but the love of one spouse for another. The only marriage I would say is worse, is the marriage of a child, or a green card marriage. It's moronic that anyone would say yes to this, though I am sure there are people on this side who say no not because they feel that gay marriage is wrong, which is just as moronic.

  • Gay marriage is not better

    This topic is so fucking stupid. There is no better marriage, they are all EQUAL. That's why gay marriage became a thing, so gays , straights etc can be EQUAL - anyone who just thinks yes is a complete and utterly against straight people. Period. This is just shitting on any equal rights

  • Equality is important!!1!

    The gay pride movement is fighting or equality, not supremacy. You can't say you are better than someone just because the people claimed what do is bad. You can't say black people are better than white people just because white people were bad to black people, that is racist. You can't say women are better than men just because men had more rights before the early 1900s. No one is better than anyone else.

  • Biologically Unviable Relationship

    From a purely scientific perspective, homosexual couples are unable to propogate the species naturally and as such, do not add value to the biosphere. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective), we live in a society so wealthy and with so much leisure time that we can afford to argue such banalities.

  • They are equally eternal and unifying.

    As a person with the belief that gay marriage should be legal, I still believe that the two are equally unifying and special. As gay marriage is just as acceptable as straight marriage, none is better than the other. They are both the eternal bonding of two people, a permission to live together in harmony, a unifying act. So therefore they are both equally powerful and just.

  • If gay marriage were the only kind of marriage, the whole species will die out.

    The entire purpose of marriage is to reproduce so that the species won't die out. Marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman. It is stated thus in the Bible, Torah and many other sacred texts. I also completely agree that there is basically no such thing as gay marriage. The word marriage is one man and one women united together until death in matrimony. Two gay people falling awkwardly in "love" and deciding that they want to be together is NOT marriage.

  • Marriage is Marriage

    Marriage is marriage no matter what. The only benefit to gay marriage is that you don't have to worry about pregnancy and birth nine months after having sexual intimacy with your partner. Otherwise, the emotional attachments and closeness between two people is generally the same among heterosexuals and homosexuals when it comes to marriage.

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