• Homosexuality is Natural

    Homosexuality is often found in animals as a natural thing. This is something that has been studied for a while now. If being a homosexual is natural, then why not let someone do what is naturally right to them? Marriage is something that should be shared between two people with love, it should not matter their sex or any other variables. It should just be based on the love in between the two people. And if homosexuality is natural, there is no reason that they should not be allowed the same right of marriage as a typical heterosexual couple. The marriage success rate might actually go up if homosexuals had the right to be married instead of it plummeting like it has with only heterosexual couples having the right to marriage.

  • Gay is okay!

    Everybody has their own sexuality. . Who are we to judge? We should except people for who they are. No excuses. . .What harm are gay people bringing to us? They dont judge us for being straight, its not wrong to love the same sex. Gay people and gay marriage should be respect all over the world, I understand if religions are against i think. .. But the rest of us shouldnt!

  • It is completely okay.

    If two people are in love, I'm not even going to label them with a sexuality, if they feel that romantic, emotional connection with another human being, of course it is okay! I hear people talking about how the reason why it's not is 1. God/The Bible says that being attracted to the same sex is not right or natural, and 2. You can't reproduce if you're in a same sex marriage. In the Bible, (I'm not religious but I use to be when I was younger) there are a lot of misconceptions, when people thought god was talking about how being gay is wrong, other people interpret what god says in different ways. Also, if you follow what God says, then you must follow how god says that slavery is okay. You can't pick one part of what he says to follow/believe in if other parts you don't. Reproducing isn't what humans think about when they go into a relationship. This world has way too many human beings anyway, and it's none of anyone's business to question or worry about how a homosexual couple is going to have children. If they want to have children, they will figure it out by for example, getting a surrogate who will carry your fertilized egg or chose to become pregnant by a sperm donor. Love is love, it doesn't matter what sex or gender you are. The butterflies and feelings that one experiences during love is the same for everyone.

  • We're just like normal people

    Why should it matter? Every human should be equal. After all, we're human too. Didn't you say it's whats on the inside that counts? Well, take away the skin and what do you get? Organs. WE. ARE. ALL. HUMAN. GET OVER IT. Come on! We are just like any other human being.

  • Of course it is!!!

    People should be free to marry who they love!! Reproduction will still be active because not EVERYONE is going to be gay, people have different sexualities and I don't know why some people don't respect that, gays are people too!!! So are pansexuals, asexuals,bisexuals etc.!!! I don't know why people don't get that gay marriage isn't gonna harm anyone, if gay marriage isn't natural, explain other things mankind has made that are not natural, like marriage, houses, technology, money, books, education, etc. So how is gay marriage any different from normal marriage?

  • Gay marriage is okay

    Gay marriage is okay. Its like this if you bring faith into this then it changes the context of the subject. It's like this stereotypically usually a woman loves a man. Why because they were born hetrosexual. Born "normal". Indeed not everyone is born with normal genes, or indeed a normal brain. Indeed readers I wish for all to read this. Some people are born gay.
    Their gene pool is different. So to our their brains. As I say if a gay person two consenting adults who love each other want to share their feelings with one another they should be allowed to. People aren't against gay marriage they are against involving the church into this subject. However I question if gay marriage should be allowed in church? I think you will find that although we have now the ability to have same sex weddings it's actually still not fully legalised. Church is standing in the way of ethnic minority groups something I wish all readers to think about. Church is making it impossible for some people to love one another. That is most anti Christian in my view.

  • Smh :( :(

    Just because it said in the bible that it is not ok are you affected by it and I would rather have spoonerism gay and happy then not gay and sad and if u disagree then you are truly a horrible person :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • What a person does behind their bedroom door is not our problem

    It is simple - to be with the person you love for the rest of your life is a right. It doesn't matter whether you love a man or a woman, as it is your right to share your emotions of devotion with them, and therefore gay marriage is a right. Marriage, although highly religious, must evolve, and therefore so does religion. What has made the Western society always the top of the world is our acceptance and recognition that evolution (politically and psychologically) is necessary to keep the world spinning steadily. For use to share the same ideas as a book written 2016 years ago is purely stupid, as it is 2016 years out of date. We have to learn to accept who are peers are, and love them for it. If it makes a guy happy to be with another man, then so be it. Sexual orientation purely a personal matter, and therefore shall not be judged by another person apart from oneself, as only oneself truly knows who and what one really wants.

  • Gay people have just as much right to marry as straight people

    As someone who is gay themselves, I can say that this notion, that we should not be allowed to marry as all couples do as a sign that they truly love each other is fundamentally wrong and unjust, particularly when we are meant to live in the 21st century where people can live freely.

  • You should be allowed to love who you want to love

    Many people think that you need to be straight in order to have children but adoption is an option. There are many children out there that need to be adopted, and that just right for gay couples that want children. If they're happy, why bother them. They're not disgusted because you're straight.

  • No its not duh how are you alive because your parents had sex because they were straight.

    No being gay is wrong because it just is one does not simply stick his penis inside ones butt hole and no it is just plain wrong gays and lesbos cant reproduce and what if we can reproduce we die as a species duh so there's my arguments me out if you want .

  • If you don't do it for animals, why would you do it to human beings?

    Although homosexuality may be found in animals, that doesn't mean it is naturally right. Animals can devour humans, and humans can murder other humans. That's natural too, but is it right? How can we differentiate between right and wrong in the natural state?

    This is how: you wouldn't mate a female pig and a female pig together, or a male pig and a male pig together, would you? Because it would not reproduce, and the animal kingdom would eventually become extinct. The same applies to humans, if every male or female becomes a homosexual, then likely they will not reproduce naturally. The human race will become extinct as well.

    Homosexuality is therefore NOT Natural.

  • I an't lik gay

    Herr in weerst vallle we kick thee gay out it thee devill and like my ma said we nned to get the gey in church to rid theem of thee gey. No one likes the geys they gey so get rid of the geyyy. Banish themm all rit now boi

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