• Yes, gender equality is a myth.

    In a pure Islamic society, women are more respectable and prosperous than man, but in spite of all rights men are thought to be dominant over woman. In the Muslim countries women are more protected and respectable. Due to this difference in sex, woman should be courageous, confident, qualified and professional, but there must be some distinctions between genders.

  • Weak women edifice

    Every one in this world rise his voice against women discrimination but no one take imperative measures for the emancipation of woman. Women are abuse in every facet of life whether it belongs to a house or society, for instance child infanticide, child marriage and burning of women after the death of her husband is an eminent examples of women discrimination. If we wants to improve the living standard of women than focus on their education and physical sustenance.

  • Yes it is.

    The sexes are just too different. There are some activities that are better suited to men and others that are better suited to women. The sexes were made to compliment each other, not necessarily to be equal. While I do support that we should all have the same opportunities, it's just not realistic.

  • Yes it is a myth, even in today's society

    Just look around you...What do you see??? A few countries headed by women, a few business organizations led by women. Now make a simple analysis...and you would found that gender equality may be a good slogan but it does not prevail in today's society; therefore, it is a myth far from the reality.

  • Yes.

    In today's society? Absolute, gender equality is a myth. Women continue to be looked down upon, glass ceiling, etc etc. Men are paid more, they get better jobs, and even today in a world with a large percentage of working women, the woman is expected to stay home with the kids.

  • Yes, gender equality is a myth.

    Regardless of whether or not we want to believe that the sexes are equal, that is not the reality of today's society. Men are still paid more for doing the same job. Men still get better jobs than women. And unfortunately there are still more men in important positions like politics and big business. While things are becoming more equal, as of today, true equality is still just a myth.

  • Nature says its obvious

    Well if we give a tiny bit comparison between the physique of the two and their decision-making skills and other analytical skills it becomes obvious that women aren't meant for leading. They are fussing over something that doesn't and will never exist and they are glad about that as well

  • Yes, Gender equality is a myth because

    Although, in the modern time woman also have opportunities in making economy strong but numbers of factors such as violation on woman, less opportunity than males, unable to handle social factors possible to created by males made gender equality is a myth. ..................... .... . . . . . . . .

  • Sports competitions emphasize the argument

    Sports competitions are held world wide separately for women and wen. It means that both of them are not equal. If they are equal competitions should be conducted with out any discrimination. No one argues for the mix participation as it is myth of their equality. If any one argues for the mix participation it is very clear that they are against the nature and women as well.

  • Of course it is.

    Everything is much better than it was 50 years ago but much more still needs to be done. Women are still faced with a glass-ceiling, still do not have equal pay and are more likely to be victims of rape or domestic abuse. Moreover, sexual discrimination is even worse in many Asian, where women are expected to become housewives and stay in the kitchen and are subjected to many gender stereotypes (not that this does not happen in Western countries too).

  • No, it isn't

    It is not a myth. People will say it is, they will say that the genders are inherently different, but people used to say the same thing about the races. Now, it is commonly accepted that anyone of any race can do the exact same thing as anyone else. In the future, people who disagree with gender equality will be looked down on just like we look down currently on people who disagree with racial equality.

  • NO, No, never.

    Before saying that its a myth see the no. Of selections in various fields in 2016. The statistics prove my argument . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Gender equality is not a myth

    In this modern era, women are same as men, they are given opportunities to have the same job as men. Besides, the number of successful women entrepreneur are increasing. This shows that people are now keep accepting the concept that women are also can be a boss and not just stay in the house and do all the house chores.

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  • No , It is not myth

    Education level has much to do with one’s career and earning opportunities. And according to Department of Education estimates, women in the class of 2013 were projected to earn the majority of associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees, meaning that for every 100 men who got a degree in 2013, 140 women did.
    Men literacy rate is getting down and it was the biggest gap seemed

  • Gender equality has been a myth since time started

    Yes, gender equality is a myth. Males and Females were not made the same physically or mentally. We act different and we definitely think different and men will always believe that women are not equal in some way whether it be emotionally or physically. In some cases this is true.

  • Gender equality is a myth or reality " this line itself has an ambiguous impression

    So,it's wrong to comment that it's a myth only because in western countries there are no Discrimination on the basis of gender .They believe on hardworking while utilisation of ones talent regardless of his or her gender. They believe that everyone has a brain and one can utilise it the way he or she want both man or woman can work in any sphere of life ,however in developing countries it's still a myth because of certain limitations put on women' because of society customs or religious issues.

  • No, its not a myth

    There are many positive developments like education, urbanization, UNO millenium development goals acheivements, legal protection of gays in Britian, new laws about ending discrimination, effective Feminists organizations and feminists literature along with free media... These are the positive signs of gender equality. However there are some problems like violence against women, rape ,dowry issues, but these problems can be managed by taking certain more postive steps like creating more gender based job opportunities and by campaigning about it even more effectively.

  • Gender equality is not a myth.

    Everyone, regardless of their gender, deserves to be treated fairly. Yes, there are some differences between our genders. Regardless of gender though, everyone deserves the same opportunities. There is no justification in giving someone a job just because they are a man or a woman, everything should be based off of qualifications.

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Anonymous says2013-04-06T12:28:21.820
Yes it's a myth, specialy in islamic sociaty it is a myth,, we are muslim, and islam is only the religion which give full respect,prosperity and extra care to the woman, but inspite of all facts, males are dominent in our sociaty.
DoinadeFlorentin says2013-09-25T09:31:40.793
You contradict yourself, on one hand you are saying that equality between man and woman is a myth ESPECIALLY IN ISLAMIC SOCIETY, and then you say that Islam is THE ONLY religion to give respect and extra care to women. So, which one is true?