• Gender equality is an attainable dream because women have been uplifted in the sense that we now have female people are now in power.

    The former malawian president was female, the current au chairman is female. We now have a female pilots these are signs that gender equality is an attainable dream. In countries like zimbabwe the constitution has set aside parliamentary seats specifically for women.........The professors....Epitomes of perfection and great philosophers of today

  • Gender equality wont be attained.

    Its not that gender equality is unattainable, it is the fact that people are too ignorant to accept gender equality. There are so many gender bias's out there and people still think that females are not equal to men. Due to these beliefs that still wont go away, I do not think gender equality will be attained.

  • Gender's Aren't Equal, So Equality Is Impossible

    Gender equality is not attainable on all levels because the gender's are in no way the say or equal to each other. It's like comparing apples and oranges, from a distance they may share some of the same characteristics, but they are not a like. There are places where equality should be guaranteed, like work, but overall it's an unobtainable goal.

  • Why pretend the sexes can be equal?

    Men and women can never be equal. They look different (thank goodness), have different physical abilities and strengths, and think differently. It would be a very boring world otherwise. But that doesn't mean the sexes shouldn't show each other equal respect or allow each other equal opportunities, including pay, in work and in play.

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