• If climate change is man made, what caused previous climate shifts?

    I think global warming could well be a natural phenomenon. A lot of opinion in the area seems to be based on tracking the trends in world weather over the last few hundred years, or even less. However there is plenty of evidence that the planet has experienced extremes of climate in the distant past as well. This could not possibly have been caused by man. We don't fully understand what caused these previous climate changes so how can we be sure it is not for the same reason now?

  • It is natural

    There are weather and oscillation cycles that provide for natural changes in climate patterns and overall temperature of the planet. That doesn't deny human culpability, but even prior to human involvement there were natural cycles occuring. It is when these cylcles reach natural highs combined with human effects that things are dangerous.

  • Yes, global warming is a natural phenomenon

    Global warming is a natural phenomenon and has occurred various times throughout the history of Earth's existence. Currently the Earth is going through a warming period that is likely being quickened and more extreme due to excess emissions of carbon into the atmosphere due to human consumption of various forms of energy such as burnin of fossil fuels.

  • Lack of Data

    If Earth got cold enough to freeze the majority of the planet (Ice Age) multiple times in the last billions of years, which was definitely not due to human activity, think of it this way. How hot must Earth have gotten to be able to melt most of that ice to the point of how life is today???? My point is we as humans don't have the data set to even tell if these things like climate change happen on a regular basis, or if it's completely random. But we can easily suggest human activity is not impacting the weather. This might be something Earth does every 10 million years, we weren't even technologically smart enough to think of it at the time. Or this might be something Earth does often but randomly, no data set required because maybes it doesn't happen on a "regular" basis. Earth just does what it does for whatever reason. She'll be fine without us and I don't think we're impacting her negatively in any sort of way. It's funny to me how we only look into what we've done but why haven't we looked at what the sun has done... Considering the son is where our heat comes from. I mean, y'all do know Earth isn't the only planet getting significantly warmer. Right? You do know that right? We think we mean so much to Earth as humans but we don't. We mean as much to Earth just as any other animal does

  • Nature has no bank account .

    True science has never payed the bills on it's own, period ! It has always taken private, and/or public funding seeking monetary gain from scientific discoveries, or manipulation of data. Whether for trade, transportation, or to create false mass belief, or an idea, ( such as religious beliefs, or superstitions, ), history is riddled with it. I believe that there has been far more false science, rather than true science throughout the history of mankind. Whether the data used is/was purposely altered, or unintentionally misinterpreted, historical facts will prove this to be true. Modern science is majorly supported through government funding, or the industrial complex. Research it yourself !!!

  • In the definition of the word Phenomenon itself,

    It is a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.Global warming is a Phenomenon because we can observed it. We can feel it. It is exist around us. We all know what's the main reason of this, But we ask totally why we can't resolve this ? Through the help of ourselves.

    Posted by: mhan
  • Climate change is almost wholly a natural phenomenon

    Sometime the climate is in a cold cycle & then changes to a hot cycle. Human activity may have an effect on it, but it will be relatively minuscule. The cycle has been happening for millions & millions of years & there is nothing we can do to meaningfully change it.

  • Global warming is primarily natural

    Of course humans have an impact on the planets temperature. So do cows (methane). At one time a microbe turned the earth in to a snow cone. I honestly took a few earth courses at PSU and here are my thoughts. Co2, is about the weakest green house gas. Co2 also follows warming trends, not preceding them. Methane, is a big green house gas, and honestly cows and animals produce alot of this gas. Most interesting is the fact that the earth has been much warmer in the past, even though the sun IS getting hotter. The earth has cooled, and warmed much faster than in the past. NASA, NOAA, and more have been caught fudging their numbers quite a bit. What you are calling the "science of global warming" is not science. Science is coming up with a theory and testing it. There is no testing, and what is tested is being shouted down. The bulk of research is being funded by people who literally want to tax what you exhale. FACT, the co2 count has been higher than now, when the earth was cooler. FACT, humans contribute to warming much more through roadways, parking lots, and roof tops (albido). Fact, for most of the earths existence there have been no polar ice caps. FACT, there are human cities under hundreds of feet of water. FACT, the earth is in an inter-glacial period (look up Pleistocene) and warmed up much faster and cooled much faster than it is now. FACT, look up holocene, the earth has warmed much faster since man arrived. That warming is not because of campfires and factories, it is mostly albido, and orbital perturbations. FACT, this carbon control idea has benefited those mega corporations and big oil..... They are the ones doing these studies, and getting grants. I would suggest actually testing this hypothesis/theory yourself. You may be surprised at the results. It sounds funny, but painting roofs, mountains, roadways white, would have a far greater effect than curbing co2. Warming will likely increase in speed due to many factors like the carbon re-uptake of a warmer ocean, decreased albido, urban sprawl, overpopulation.

  • It is a natural phenomenon, however..

    Global warming has happened in the past, just as it will continue to happen until the earth is no more. However, we must realize that we only recently (last two hundred years) began truly dumping CO2 into the air. Though models may show that human-made CO2 is causing global warming, there is no experimental control for this belief. I don't believe we will understand if we are truly having a negative effect on the earth until a later date.

  • Global warming is natural

    There has been warming in the past and in the 30s we are expecting the earth to cool down
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  • No it is not a natural phenomenon

    I can clearly see where you are going with your argument but proper scientists make a record of temperatures overall and it corresponds with the amount of greenhouse gasses we release in the atmosphere coincidence? I think not! Also by the way the little we produce goes a long way. 8 degree change in your town noone talks about it 8 degree change overall. Flood, Ice Caps melt it many places it would get incredibly hot species would go extinct with just 8 degrees. And thats just 8 degrees overall

  • No Question About It

    The facts are all there. If you do not think humans are to blame, you have no understanding of science. The amount of evidence against humans is astounding. We produce gasses like carbon dioxide everyday by burning fossil fuels in huge amount. Carbon dioxide is what we call a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gasses work in our atmosphere by trapping sunlight. In other words, sunlight goes through the atmosphere, and the greenhouse gasses keep them from leaving. This is causing a huge rise in temperature. The rise and fall of the temperatures in Earth's history have been at a steady rate in the past. This jump in temperature is not steady. This should not even be a question of debate. It astounds me to think people without an environmental scientific background at all try to argue with brilliant people with ph.D.S in environmental sciences.

  • No, global warming is not a natural phenomenon.

    I do not think that global warming is a natural phenomenon. And one of the reason I believe that is because I do not even believe that it is real. There is not enough evidence to suggest that global warming is even taking place. I think that more research is need before people say global warming exists.

  • It is a human contribution.

    If it weren't for us humans there would be no fossil fuels meaning there would be no factories or power plants polluting the air. This would mean that the atmosphere wouldn't have any carbon dioxide in it, meaning there would be no greenhouse effect. There would be no climate change if it weren't for us humans.

  • It is not a natural phenomenon

    In the last 50 years or so, right when we started to release extreme amount of carbon dioxide was exactly when the temperatures have started rising. And experts have been seeing this trend continuing and becoming more serious as we hit the 2000 marks. And in the last 16 years, we have hit the 16 hottest years because of global warming

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  • Driving cars and factories

    Driving cars pollutes the air because of the gas and carbon dioxide.Factories make things but the gases from it also pollutes the air. Why not by electrical cars or powered cars.Don't burn as much fossil fuels. Don't produce as much gas because your polluting the air! That's what i have to say. P.S. This is a kid :):):):P:):):P:):):):P:):P

  • It just dosent occur randomly

    Many people think that global warming exists just because it does. It dosent! Global warming is happening because of the abuse we are causing the earth. Ignoring wont work because if we do then we'll all be fried meat in about a short amount of time. Most of all the the carbon dioxide comes from us the humans because WE JUST NEED RUNNING EVERYTHING WITH GAS AND OIL AND COAL. There are two ways this could go either we turn to cleaner energy or we run out of those materials to burn. Global warming dosent naturally occur it happened because of US! The other species died in incidental extinctions but we'll die because of ourselves.

  • Yes,global warming is a natural phenomenon.

    As a matter of fact,global warming is really occurring as the climate dramatically changes period by periods the only reason to blame is the cause of "INDUSTRIALIZATION"and that is a man-made phenomenon think that we humans has to look for a possible way to reduce the causes of industrialization and live in a better earth free from global warming.

  • No, global warming is not a natural phenomenon.

    Since the mid-19th century, the amount of carbon dioxide have been rapidly rising, which it never happen in the early year of earth. Also that the sun is not responsible for the rising of temperature in the earth because NASA satellite was sent and detected that the solar irradiance have drop.

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