• Global Warming is Real!!!

    Trends have shown that over time as we increase our use of greenhouse gases, the world gets hotter. The polar vortex had nothing to do with it, as although some of us may have been experiencing hot weather, other countries like Alaska were unusually hot. Global Warming is real, and we have to stop it

  • Earth's Carbon Content...

    ... Is a constant. It can be in the ground in the form of fossil fuels or in the atmosphere and oceans as CO2. Historical evidence indicates that the Earth has a climate "tipping point" where the oceans become anoxic and atmosphere toxic. Over time the carbon is slowly drawn back into the ground, leaving a life-sustaining atmosphere. The transition time is estimated to be on the order of 10^5 years. The tipping point depends on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. And nobody knows where this tipping point is in terms of CO2. But it has happened before, during mass extinctions. So the history and physics of the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect are well-understood, and AGW is founded on solid ground. What is uncertain, however, is just how much carbon we can transfer from the ground to the atmosphere and oceans and not reach the tipping point. If AGW theory is wrong, then the consequence is cleaner air and water. If AGW theory is correct, then we are facing losing a significant portion of the human species in a mass extinction.

    What concerns most rational and thoughtful people is not the mass extinction but shorter term economic, humanitarian, and ethical effects or increased storm intensity, decreased food production, decrease in fresh water, and displaced impoverished refugees. Feeding these problems is a growing population and increase in people that want to live a rich lifestyle, i.E., have a car, AC, meat-based diet, hot water, plumed potable water, air travel, etc.

  • Yes it is real

    Global warming is most definitely real. Haven't you noticed that the water levels have been growing lower and lower as time progressed, and there has been a recent climate change? It got warm really early this summer, and it's probably only going to get to get hotter. So yes, global warming is real.

  • Global yearly seasons

    Global warming is not real. The earth seems to have yearly seasons in which for some years the earth will be hot bot through other years the earth will be cold. Global warming is just a global summer for a few years. Glbal warming is just a theory created by people who watched a few end of the world movies.

  • Look at antarctica

    Look, Its real, because look at how all of the ice is flowing down to the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. I do not care what scientists say. They are usually wrong anyways. Just look at the Ice caps, and Greenland too. Obviously global warming is to real to be true.

  • NASA Says Yes

    I just read on the NASA website that Global Warming or "Climate Change" is happening, so unless you are smarter than a NASA scientist, you have no say in the matter.

    There are some people who claim it isn't happening, professor Lindzen mocks the UN report on global warming but he has already written several books against global warming so he has a monetary interest (ie the continued selling of his books) in saying global warming is fake, also, he stated in the early 2000s that there is little correlation between smoking and lung cancer and according to my information, he still stands by that despite overwhelming evidence. Then there is the NASA scientist James Hansen who is a creationist and believes the Bible is literally true. The way I see it, a scientist is supposed to follow the evidence, both of these scientists fail in that respect and therefore their credibility is called into question.

    The Wall Street Journal came out with an article the other day saying that 16 scientists claim that global warming isn't happening, well 16 scientists isn't a whole lot, in fact it is safe to say that it is less than 1% of the worlds scientists so if that is their argument against global warming, we can equally say 99% of scientists agree that global warming is happening and that is a consensus.

  • It is most certainly real.

    Yes, the earth has gone up in temperature before, but never this fast. The period between 1983 and 2012 is believed to be the warmest thirty year period in the last 1400 years. While there are periods in which nothing happens, event like Hurricane Sandy show the uncertain future of our planet.

  • Yes it is real.

    Many cite a natural rise and fall of global temperatures during earth's long history. While this is true, the alarming fact is the recent rise has occurred at a much faster rate than in the past. The cause? Mad-made emissions. More CO2 (and other gases, its not just CO2) are trapped in the atmosphere blocking the escape of the suns heat.

  • It is certainly real

    I think that people need to do research and take care of this world that we live on because one day it might not be here. We are destroying our environment and living creatures due to pollution and so forth
    if we do not step up now and take a stand who knows what the future will hold for us

  • Yes, and I even did research.

    Back in grade school a project I chose was one on global temperatures over a period of about 80 years. I found that the average temperature of the Earth over those 80 years went up slightly. I believe in my final graph I found that at most it increased by more then 1 degree Celsius.
    Perhaps global warming doesn't mean much other then the occasional super storm, but the fact that people are denying it is preposterous. How can someone deny something that has been studied so much? (and by people more qualified then me)

  • Don't Think So

    No, global warming is not real. The earth has gone through many climate changes over millions of years. These changes were gradual and did not occur overnight, but over time corrected themselves on their own. Many factors play a role in climate changes from a miniscule change in the earth’s tilt, to the density of the atmosphere. We do not have concrete scientific evidence for past climate changes, but they were undoubtedly not the effect of greenhouse gasses and exhaust emissions.

  • Globe is Warming, but the cause, not buying it!

    Science has described periods of time that were far hotter than the current 150 year period we are concerned with in today's analysis. From all the data presented, I agree, there is an increase in the average thermometer readings around the world.

    Here is my problem, it is a 150 year analysis. Conclusions are drawn from this 150 years that predict catastrophe in about 150 years. The fact that this 150 years coincides with industrialization does not mean that it should be blamed as the culprit. Consider that there were are a host of scientist who thought there was global cooling back in the 1950's-late 1970's.

    We don't need hyperbole, we need answers.

    My personal feeling is that I wouldn't want to sit in a restaurant while the guy sitting at the next table blows cigar smoke in the air. It is nasty. I also would want to be a little kid again in the bathtub with my sibling while they pee in it. We need to clean the air. But we need to make that the objective instead of forming incomplete scientific analysis and driving a wedge between the people of this great world.

    Maybe industrialization is the culprit, but politics have muddied the water. Scientists don't agree. So move forward with reducing polutants with that objective in mind.

  • It's Earth's History

    The earth has gone through warming and cooling trends throughout the entire history of its existence. What about when the dinosaurs where walking around? It was way hotter then than it is now. During the Pliocene epoch (3-5 million years ago) CO2 in the atmosphere was 30% higher, sea levels where 15-20 meters higher, there was no glaciers except intermittent ice caps on Greenland. Also the temperature were, on average, 5+ degrees hotter. This was all before humans "messed everything up".

  • Global Warming is fake

    There is a man named Al Gore who made up global warming. He did this to cause a panic and make money. 40 years ago they thought we were going into an ice age. This is simply another scam. 70,000 geographic scientists back up my opinion when the other side has 20,000.

  • Global warming is just another way to get people scared and ruin businesses around the world

    Time and time again liberal scientist keep saying there's "climate change" but really it's just another big scare so people we lose jobs and businesses will be ruined all because they tell us we are ruining the world with heat. Remember it's only a theory by scientist doing evil for our horrible president Barack Obama.

  • No, fools buy it

    What evidence as humans do we have saying that we are the exact culprit of the temp raising? I've read many articles saying the temp of the earths surface has been flat and hasn't changed for 17 years and in 2012 the icebergs actually grew 50%. I don't beleive it. I live in wisconsin and we seen -70f degrees last year. That's the coldest i have ever seen it in my life and it broke records. The earth will do what I wants and we have only been on this earth for such a small time frame to justify that it is us. I mean come on! I've read where scientist are blaming it on cows for farting. I mean really? Come on now. The government puts all these EPA laws in place to scrape more money in from the auto industry and everything else. I try to be as eficent as possible and keep my manors on Mother Earth when it comes to pollution. And wasn't it Al Gote who said there would be no ice burgs in 2013? Maybe I'm wrong but im pretty sure it's 2014... And their still there.

  • It has been getting colder... Is that global warming?

    I believe that global warming means that the earth will get warmer, but if you look at the weather lately its been kind of cold (depending on where you're from.) I can never find enough momentum to get out of bed and get a move on it, because it is to cold. I would not mind some warmer weather it is the end of summer and we are all wearing long pants, long sleeves, and sweatshirts. I hate it, I wanted summer weather at the end of summer, or a comfortable fall. Warm comfortable weather would be nice, people work better in warmer weather, we would accomplish more, that would be great.

  • Global Warming- big deal, it's not real!

    There is no scientific proof that emissions of Carbon-Dioxide are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth's atmosphere over the past 100 years. If there WERE such a proof, it would be written for everyone to see. There is no actual proof.

    Global Warming- big deal, it's not real!

  • Global Warming- big deal, it's not real!

    There is no scientific proof that emissions of Carbon-Dioxide are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth's atmosphere over the past 100 years. If there WERE such a proof, it would be written for everyone to see. There is no actual proof.

    Global Warming- big deal, it's not real!

  • The is global warming....But there is global cooling as well.

    Around every 30 years the Earth changes from warming to cooling as a continual cycle. From 1940-1970 the people were worried that we were actually slipping into another ice age due to the global cooling(we are due for one as they occur usually around every 10,000 years). It then started warming up again until 1999 and it has actually been cooling down since. CO2 levels on the atmosphere are around 0.4% and at those levels CO2 doesn't have influence on temperature where as on Mars it does because it's 95% CO2.

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