• Yes it's really good

    It has increased India's employment rate doo much Indian industries are becoming global,special economic zones are being created,inflow of advance technology is taking place and inflow of foreign direct investments are also taking place very very very well enough .So I think it's really very very good for my country

  • Yes, it has increased employment.

    Yes, globalization is good for the Indian economy, because it has led to a large increase in employment. India has competed very well for these jobs. Many indians have found employment they have not found before, and as result, they have been able to improve their lives and move into the middle class.

  • Yes, globalization is good for the Indian economy.

    Globalization is good for the Indian economy and you have to look no further than China to see that. Globalization allows for foreign companies to invest in Indiana and provide jobs to the Indian people, thus helping to lower the poverty rate and increase the quality of life. It also encourages Indian to companies to work with foreign companies and expand their companies abroad.

  • No. Globalisation has adversely affected India's economy .

    Because of globalization, Indian markets have been flooded with foreign goods. Foreign companies are able to make cheaper, mass produced products and Indian manufacturers are unable to compete with them. Also, this has ruined many cottage industries as well. Therefore globalization has also had a negative impact on the Indian economy.

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