• God Is Not Dead!

    If God is dead who made the Earth? If God is dead who made human"s?
    This is proof that he is ALIVE! And you don"t need proof if you live and if you breath that is the only proof you need. And you just wait when God comes down to take the good people you will see he is true! And you will regret saying he was dead. P.S. GOD IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Man created god, not god created man.

    All evidence points to evolution, and the Big Bang. All evidence also points to just about all of the bible being untrue. I cannot say there is no god, just as nobody can say that there is a god based on current evidence. The bible is nothing but a bunch of stories written by man in an attempt to understand life, and presented by the church to control people. The god as presented in the bible is a god of evil and destruction, and is the most immoral god one could imagine. If there is indeed a god, then I would like to use my god given brain to draw rational, logical conclusions, and not base my beliefs on fairy tales written thousands of years ago.

  • God is.... A myth

    So god is fake why? Well people say he can live forever and I don't agree
    Because No one is invisible No one can live on top of a cloud No one can live forever You heard me Jesus cant come back again! He was human right? So how did you come back again? Heaven if you were dead could you see heaven NO ONE KNOWS so that means heaven is fake. No one knows what formed the first animal they say GOD GOD!!!! But I say it was formed by itself so Agree with me please say god isn't real I don't care if you don't agree with me just agree with me

  • Knowledge is power!!

    Not long ago people thought that the world was flat, now is common knowledge is round. If a challenge like this one, many decades ago, a YES the world is flat would've prevailed by a big margin. I can see it , all the " Is impossible" answer in the blog. Religion people demand proof but the only proof of god they have is a book of ridiculous legends and the ultimate scam...Faith. I am puzzled of all the people, that are intelligent people, that decide to go by faith instead of reason. For sure is easier to think that you will live for ever as an entity then realize that it will end like every other living thing in this world. We humans think that we are much better than other living things in this world, and that's the reason we will never die....Really plz. For now lets just wait, religion will fall like every pyramid scam it ends when no one gets in anymore....Believe the world is round, floats in the Universe with millions of other solar systems, all live was created by energy and time. That is the only truth we can proof the rest we would need time to discover, create time by preserving our world, YES our world, not gods. Keep thinking god will provide and we will never have that time to proof he only existed in our unsophisticated mind.

  • People need to have a ruler

    When something or someone is created, people need to know who, what, where, when and how it was made. I believe that people made up god to make sense of life. For example, how was the earth created. Well scientifically there's an answer, but people who believe in god says that it was created by him. I think it just makes life more understandable to them, but believing that god is a myth, makes everything make sense for once.

  • God is really a myth....

    Hello people...I personally believe that god is a myth and evils are myth too...Because our ancestors created such stories of god and evils just to remove and create fear. To remove fear they created god and to make fear in people they created evils...I think this content is well enough to make u all understand this fiction of ancestors

  • Every believer says they have prove, I have not seen one piece of prove.

    It must be hard to look at something saying something you believe in strongly is a lie, but when have you ever seen prove? Good chance your parents where also religious and we all follow our parents.

    The world is a mysterious world science try's to understand and explain, but we don't know everything as much as you do. Simple things can make up complicated processes, im a computer programmer and computers work with simple logic gates. Lots of simple logic gates can make complicated programs.

    The game of life is a simple game with a few simple rules, yet it creates creators that seem to move around with no creator. Our rules are physics, light, mass, electrons. When our body is damaged, our body can not perform all required chemical and biological reactions required to keep living, and so our body can not perform it, and after awhile, anything that depended on that organ starts to die.

    What is death before you ask about if god exists or not, you have no prove, no need for his existence in your world, something conscious like god would need another creator, so explaining the world with a god does not do nothing but create more questions for your ansew to life.

  • Worldwide Religious Myths include Christianity

    The argument that the Christian god, which seems to be the idea here, is not a myth precludes that all other gods, deities, etc. are myths. People ask why I don't believe. I say, take all the reasons that you don't belief Thor, Zeus, Vishnu, Allah, or any others aren't real and that is why I think your god isn't real. If the others are myths then your god whose story is no less ridiculous in my view is the same.

  • Wake up believers

    If you believe so much, then why Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have different resurrection stories of Jesus? And you say you believe. Hahaha. If your faith denies your human intelligence. You're ignorant. Ssrry to say but its true. I onced believed until I actually used my brain instead of going by what I was told for so long.

  • The Omnipotence Paradox

    If God existed, then it would be able to, for example, create a rock that it could not lift or a being stronger than itself, both of which are simultaneously impossible as a result of its omnipotence and possible for the very same reason. Also, if the Eden myth were true, why would God not see that Satan was plotting something? Furthermore, if the Eden myth were true, why did it create the serpent and the tree in the first place? Also, if God existed, where would it exist? Also, if God created the universe, what created God? The Christians' own watchmaker analysis actually works to their detriment. Many proofs of evolution exist, such as genetic analysis, showing that human alleles share 98% of their genetic information with chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) alleles, embryos, showing that for several months of development, humans have gills, and the fossil record, with fossils showing a transition from a common ancestor to P. Troglodytes and Homo sapiens. The reasons that people believe in God are that they are frightened of death and feel as if they will go mad if they have no assurance that their mind will exist forever, that they feel inane because they do not have infinite erudition and seek to fabricate their own set of mythos and claim that it is reality, and that people feel as if they need to be important-in this case to have attention lavished upon them by a deity. Lastly, if God were so great, why do humans die? Why do people like George W. Bush gain the presidency of the U.S.? Granted, he is no longer in power, but if God were great, why is there evil in this world? In conclusion, we have seen that God's existence is refuted by fossils, embryos, and even chromatin. We have learned that omnipotence is not a possibility but a paradox, and that evil shows that even if God exists, it is not benevolent. All of this shows that God is a human invention.

  • Gods not Dead!!!!!!!!!

    God is not dead. People should realize that. This world and this universe can not be made by accident. That's impossible!!!!! WHY CANT YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!! God gave us the choice to choose good or evil. He would not be a good god if he forced us to love him. That's why I believe in Him. Go to church ,read the bible and believe. Its your choice and its that simple.

  • God is not dead!

    God is the reason I live and breathe. Bad things may happen because of our beginnings with him, that's where our sin comes from. Satan is responsible for twisting man's minds. God loves every single one of us. He sent his one and only son, die for us on the cross. He birthed him through Virgin Mary. That's why we have Christmas and Easter. Not for eggs or trees. Because he had a mission to save us from the persecution he faced on his way to the Promise Land.

  • 1 of 2 creation or EVILution and the latter doesn't cut it

    We have lungs, heart, brain, etc. At what step in evilution could we have survived with only half or a third of our vital (needed for life) organs? Not just that but we need all of them functioning at same time. We conveniently have our needs taken care of (food warmth water oxygen) which are also needed all at the same time. Andd why we argue over evilution here on earth we fall to see even more evidence for outside of earth. The very size and distance from both the sun and the moon help maintain life on earth. Evolving has no effect on those. What about procreation? Since evilution takes millions or billions of years to take place, then these random changes would have never happened twice at the same time AND in the viccinity of each other so that these first 2 beings could meet up and procreate. Not mention food and drink there first so that this too can happen. To say all these things just happened randomly is to say a hand grenade going off by a watch blew it up into a radioshack. I'm sorry non believers but hats off to you. I just don't have enough faith to believe there is no God, as that in itself requires more faith and is also a religion. Christians didn't check their brains out at the door. I didn't even quote a single Bible verse (nothing wrong with though) they just trusted God in what He said long ago , which science is just now catching up to. But don't listen to me, check it for yourself regardless of opinions, with an open mind, not a made up mind. God bless!

  • God is Real

    You can feel the God. When you are confused and/or hurt. He comforts you to help you heal. When you die it is just your time. When you live a life pleasing to God he will take you to his palace. You can live in eternal peace and happiness. Only God can do that. No science can explain after death. Science can't explain your soul. God created everything. If you believe in the Big Bang theory, please let science explain how everything got there. Electrons? Cells? Atoms? God created those. He created everything, you can feel/sense his presence. When he's fighting the devil off, helping all of us. Trying to tell us not to fall into darkness. Not to go in the devils trap. God is real. You can't prove he's not. God is Real.

  • God is not a myth

    God is not a myth. Oxford defines the word myth as, "a widely held but false belief or idea." Jesus Christ said, "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (‭John‬ ‭14‬:‭6‬ KJV)" Their for, the real myth is that God doesn't exist.

  • Had brain tumor

    When I was three I started having seizers so my mom took me to the hospital and after I took x-rays the doctors told my family that I had a brain tumor and in five days I would die. So my mom and dad and brother and sister were on there knees praying then my mom got the church to pray and In 48 hours god preformed a miracle they got another x-ray and the tumor was gone . My God performs miracles . So is God a myth or reality I will strongly choose My God Is a reality!

  • Atheism doesn't have enough evidence

    All that atheists mostly say is talk about the Bible, and not much about how "evolution" is real. We did not come from nothing, we are not ancestors of a monkey, we are created by the all wise and all powerful God. Believe what you want to believe but I believe in the truth.

  • Life cannot start from Nothing

    In all of its complexity and perfection, life logically could not have started from nothing with no cause and no reason by chance. The general scientific consensus is that the universe is not eternal. It started one day. But how? In the expanse we call space there was nothing but then the universe appeared....How?
    The Bible or ancient Biblical Scriptures tell us that God is Eternal and He literally spoke the universe into existence. This also is an outstanding claim but it is the only claim that makes sense to me when you read the Bible in its proper context. God is real. God is Love.

  • God is Real

    In all of its complexity and perfection, the universe could not have started by accident from nothing.
    It is not eternal, this has been widely accepted by be scientific community. So the universe and life itself must have had a beginning. Holy Scripture tells us that there exists an all powerful all knowing Creator who spoke the universe as we know it into existence. This Creator claims to be eternal and highly powerful and intelligent. How else could the Universe begin from nothing that we know.?

  • Creation needs a Creator

    Nothing can come from nothing. Nothing ever could. How could the universe, and all that is in it, all the life and the complexity, happen by chance? Isn't even a flower intellectually designed? If you disagree, then whiff out a flower right now out of nothing. Impossible, right? Life cannot be created by an inanimate objects. No "right chemicals" can mix to create life. So if life cannot come from any inanimate object, it must come from one that has life in Himself. It comes from someone that is alive. All of creation, from a grain of sand, to a lion, to our solar system, points to a divine creator. The beauty and complexity of all creation cannot come by chance, but by One that is God. A fool says in his heart that there is no God. But no matter how many times he says God is not there, God is still there. I can say as many times as I want that this website is not real, but that does not change the fact that this website is very real and active. So it is with God. The world can deny him, but his presence is irrefutable.

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