• Jesus does exist.

    Science has proven evolution blah blah, but really? Tell me one Christian that actually believes in the creation story. There is a lot of proof of Jesus's existence compared to what atheists say. Technically Jesus has already scientifically (atheists love that word so it's nice to use it against them as well), been proven to exist. Whether or not he was Divine is what we need more evidence of.

  • Yes - he created our world and put us here!

    There are so many ways we still do not understand our vast universe and how we got here. To me, this means that there has to be some kind of divine creator who set everything in place and made us. His handiwork is abundant. His son Jesus is a historical figure who did amazing things. I believe this God exists.

  • Yes - his creation is everywhere!

    God's handiwork can be seen all throughout our world. Our universe is so complex and there is so little that we do not understand. To me, this points out that we do have an intelligent creator out there who set a world in motion and is actively viewing how we react to it.

  • Yes God is more Likely to Exist Than Not

    People create all the time so it makes sense that we model the where we came from. The idea of a higher power that has some measure of involvement and control makes sense as well. Science and the existence of God are not mutually exclusive instead they compliment each other. The laws of science that govern the world were put into place by God.

  • The universe is big and we are not.

    I think that given the size and scope of the universe, something that we would define as "God" is more likely to exist than not. It probably is not the Jewish God, or the Christian God, or the Muslim God; it probably is not anything that we as humans can truly understand. However, somewhere out there, something far more powerful and ancient than us exists, and it probably had a hand in creating the reality we know now. What is that other than God?

  • My God

    He is real, there is no argument that anyone can make to contradict Him. It takes more faith to believe that the world was randomly created rather than believe an Omnipetent being created it all.
    Scientists love to try to crack the codes, disprove the evidence; but they fall apart. Science ends up proving His existence.

  • Fine tuning, the observer effect and QM on the whole

    Science is helping now to really throw up massive question marks around the true nature of things. It is now understood that matter manifests from particles within nothing. The old, safe idea of a material universe has been debunked and Atheists are at a loss. This is now getting to the point where true Atheism is like religion with its beliefs in old dogma that is is proven to be false. I have never heard an Atheist give a reasonable explanation of the Measurement problem, fine tuning, or the observer effect. I know this is tough for them, but they refuse to open their minds, they are locked into this false idea that we live in a material world. I do not have enough faith to be an Atheist.

  • God must be real.

    Ok. Anyone who is calling anyone who believes in God "Stupid" or "Ilogical", is actually being stupid and Ilogical. Energy cannot be created, so therefor what has created all of our energy? God. And yes, I don't believe all of the bible stories. I think that they're just good guidelines for our life, Trust your neighbor, don't steal, etc. It goes on and on. If people actually followed these guidelines, then their wouldn't BE all these problems we currently have today.

  • God has to be real.

    Ok science smart guys, if energy cannot be created, then you just answer the question: How was it created? Answer: God. If it could be made in a different way, the. Please, enlighten me. Because I fail to see any other way that this could be made. Also, I think the stories I'm the Bible aren't real, but are just good examples of how to live your life. Trust your neighbor, don't steal, etc. If people actually did all of these things, think about how good our life would be.

  • How was the world made perfectly

    The world is to perfect for it to have been made by an explosion,it had to have been designed and made by a being who is loving to give us life ,all knowing that he knows whats going to happen and all powerful to have given us life. By chiko

  • Yes if you

    Accept that three headed dragons exist , about the same odds I would guess .The whole "God" myth has been used as a yolk to keep the "flock" in line and very effective too.
    Modern believers come to a belief in God through brainwashing from an early age which is easily demonstrated. If children never learnt about God till they were say 16 years of age they would find the idea ridiculous and reject it totally .If a child reaches a certain age believing in an imaginary friend and the idea persists the child is taken for counselling maybe ? Yet the parents believe in a thuggish dictator in the sky and that's ok because there adults ..... Total madness

  • no evidence

    sorry no evidence I don't know of any hard evidence that shows that god exists. i don't like or accept the idea that you need to have faith in god to see his existence. If there was a god that loved us all we wouldn't have a billion people that are starving. And if God gave us free will and we did all that to ourselves and God does nothing, then he is either able to help us and does nothing which is cruel and evil, or he doesn't have the power to and is not all powerful. If there was proof of god then i would believe in him but until then i will stick to reality.

  • There is no evidence of a God

    We know that we and that we can observe exists. Therefore it is very likely existence in and of itself, independent of beginning or end or limitation, is real. Therefore I would proffer the conclusion that existence is very likely. However, there is no evidence of a god, nothing. Our existence is not dependent on the existence of anything else. We do exist, and so does all we can observe, whether or not a god exists, thus it is very unlikely that god exists. At least not in the supporting role of define creator and master.

  • No.

    I know when someone says God, they may be talking about a god in a different religion other than Christianity. With all of the facts and proof in the earths crust, the universe, the elements that make up our human body and universe, there is no way that someone, or something, could make all of these things that make the universe work!

  • Bible is ridiclous

    I mean really, a TALKING SNAKE? A boat that housed MILLIONS of animals? And they all were peaceful and did not attack each other? BWHAHA hilarious, quite the fairy tale, also made by disney? Will disney also make a cartoon of it? The question could have said ''Is Santa more likely to exist than not?'' and they would both have the same evidence of existing, namely none

  • Adam and Eve

    If Adam and Eve were created at the beginning of Earth then where did the people go when dinosaurs were around? The same exact animals can't just come back, and the Adam and Eve story isn't even true. And it took millions of years for the Earth to have water and life.

  • There is no god.

    I honestly don't understand how people can just believe nonsense without any reason what so ever. How can you say that god is responsible for everything when you can think of no reason that god even exists in the first place. Nearly everything can be explained WITHOUT god, and the things that can't are continued to be worked on by scientist until they are solved.

  • There is no god.

    I honestly don't understand how people can just believe nonsense without any reason what so ever. How can you say that god is responsible for everything when you can think of no reason that god even exists in the first place. Nearly everything can be explained WITHOUT god, and the things that can't are continued to be worked on by scientist until they are solved.

  • Just one question for you to answer.

    Can something complex exist without being created?
    If you believe in the biblical god, you probably said no because something as complex as a human or the universe would need a creator. The problem is, the rule would apply to your god as well. After all, would your god not also be complex? What is more complex, a nail or a machine that can make a nail? If your god needs to be created, then the being that created him must be even more so. This would lead to an infinite line of higher and higher powers.
    I know, you say your god did not need to be created because he always existed right? Again, your problem is that the rule would apply to both. If you god could have always existed, then the energy and/or matter that became the universe could have always existed and did not need a creator, if something as complex as the universe does not need a creator then lesser complex things like humans would not need a creator. If the universe did not need a creator to exist, then what use would a god be?
    This means that your answer is either "no" and that there is an infinite lineage of gods above your own. Or "yes" and that your god was not necessary to create the universe or anything else for that matter.
    It is more likely that the universe was created by natural laws over a period of billions of years than being created by an inter-dimensional entity in less than a weak.

  • God does not exist

    Why would god create the laws of science just to break them? Science disproves religion. Evolution, first law of thermodynamics are a few of the reasons why religion must be false, it is most likely that religion was created to explain phenomena of nature, many of which we now can figure out with science. The only reason religion has lasted so long is parents forcing it down their kids throats at a young age. Intelligence and belief have a negative correspondence, so as we get smarter less people are believing. There are many counter arguments such as how did the Big Bang create energy in the first place, and in fact it does not disprove the first law of TD if you were to research it. Another is "what are the odds of the conditions we have to happen so that life could be sustained" for 1, if there was a god why would he create useless planets with no life? And 2 it is now believe that the Big Bang may not have been the first because when a Big Bang happens all the energy and matter moves outwards, and eventually when it stretches all the way out, it collapses which would cause another BB. Therefor the universe is most likely much older than we once thought, and it is not entirely impossible that the universe has no beginning and no end, it could easily be undefined. Also, why should we have to disprove god, something does not exist until proven to exist and there is no evidence other than flimsy arguments that would most defiantly both hold up in a courtroom. Finally, the bible is inaccurate in too many ways to count (it claimed the world was flat) showing that it was not influenced by an all knowing being, but created by humans to make themselves feel better and explain things --- like god was.

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